Faction ideas

Basically, There are 3 factions, The Kikkermensen (kik-er-men-sun), the Groteras, and the Machtaams (Match-tums). The Kikkermensen are the re-iterated form of the hebios camp inhabitants, that will wander the forest, searching for supplies to bring home. When the Kikkermensen finds, say, an onion, they will pluck it and walk home (The old hebios camps), depositing it in a chest. They will be neutral to players, and even offer to trade their weapon (random hebios weapon) if you have enough objects of value (valian, many, many red iron ingots, etc).

The second faction, the Groteras, are already implemented as a creature, so you already know they are tree people that shoot and blah blah blah. The new faction adds a random chance of a grotera fortress to spawn in your world (50% every hour) that looks like a crudely-made wooden dome, guarded by patroling grotera. The dome has a maze on the inside, dotted with powerful grotera that will try to stop you from reaching the center. At the center, a pedestal containing 5 grotera cores (one of every type) lies waiting for the player. when the player takes one of the cores, the others will instantly rot away, making a reward choice for the player.

The third and last faction, the Machtaams are a sentient city of an underground mushroom kingdom, flooded with the sound of smeechees talking back and forth, laughter, singing, and… snoring? At the back of the city, a mushroom amalgamate grown into the walls of the cave, known as the prospector, sleeps without any notice of the player, until you step too close. The prospector is a passive mob that will recede into the wall and shield himself with the surrounding boulders if attacked. The prospector does serve a purpose, as a trader that sells rare wares in a 10-minute window, starting at the 12th minute of the day (noon). However, you do not pay in coins; instead, you pay in rescued smeechees. The 10-minute window serves as a sort of time challenge for a player. if you can rescue enough smeechees in the 10-minute window, you can purchase an item with the smeechees collected. smeechees stored will carry over to the next window, so you can save up for rare items.

This post is subject to change because i’ll change it based on your feedback!