Factions or Guilds

Create different factions or guilds that people can join.

Core concept
There are different factions or guilds that people can join and get perks from.
For example could it be a blacksmith guild and the members could get some extra perks for blacksmith stuff. The members could also get paid in coins and reputation (as another idea I read here) depending on how much they contribute to the blacksmith guild.
All the guilds would have their own house where they would store stuff like tools and raw material that only members can access. The working stations in the guild house would also only be accessible for members and guild could also buy and sell stuff between them.
For example the mining guild mine all the ore and put it in their storage. The mining members get paid automatically depending on their reputation in the guild. The mining guild then sell the ore to the blacksmith guild and they make tools and weapons and so on.
Players could be guildless and then get more coins when they sell their stuff but would have to do all the work without the perks. There could also be some public working stations that player can use.
Players can also change guild but not to often or with some limit that you need to be without guild between changing for some time.

Personal twist (optional)
Every guild has it guild master that is a member of a council and they can decide the direction of the town. The guild could also have a limit of members and there could be a bulletin board with vacant and you need to apply for a place in the guild.