Fair few problems with a private server

Ok so i’ve set up a new server for me and a few close friends to play on but we have all run into a fair few problems, some game breaking and some just straight weird (i also jotted these down for memory so mind the point format)

1. Health not regening/ taking forever to regen
pretty much speaks for itself, we were in the forest roaming the lands and after getting into a few fights we noticed we werent regening health (at a noticble rate atleast)
i offed myself and it seemed to be fixed slightly

2. Iron/Coal public storage box glitched
Ok so early on i thought the iron was glitched so i spawned in like 200 to dump in the box in one go to help everyone out/to build all the tables and stations but… now its duplicating and also a good chunk of the time not reseting to allow us to grab more from said bin, this goes the same for the coal i just didnt cheat the coal in

3. Spriggle not respawning
speaks for itself again but it only applys to spriggles around/inside town, the rest that are in the feilds and mountains are respawning perfectly fine, i have also noticed a lack of gotera in the mini forest (between the feilds and town)

4. Chests not refreshing
another that speaks for itself, the chests/crates within the mines and above ground will take far longer than the usual time of 24hrs that ive noticed they respawn to the point that some dont ever reset

5. Vine like plants not growing
anything that grows on a vine and or tree will not ever grow, the amount of empty pumpkin patches around that are always empty is insane, this also goes for tomatos,berries,apples again pretty much anything that grows on a vine/tree

So with all that said i was wondering if anyone knows a good fix for these issues? i thought of a wipe but it wasnt long ago that i did do a wipe to try fix other things and id rather avoid doing it again because of the grind of finding all the pages/molds again, unless there is some way to spawn these thing again?

It sounds like the time concepts of the server were broken. Did you run any commands to change your server’s settings? I’d like to know which one could be responsible for something like this.