Familiars. (Pets basically)

The player finds a magic egg and raises the magic evolving creature that hatches from it into different things that can help you in eather crafting, combat or collecting.

Core concept
So imagine you can raise an assistant that starts out as a helpless baby like creature after you hatch it.

You raise it by giving my it things to eat that it wants or needs,
It will ask for things like sand stone or some mushrooms.

Eventually it grows to it’s second stage this time you give it stuff you want him to know how to use, if you want it to help with crafting you give it crafting tools to eat, if you want it to help in combat you give it weapons to eat, if you want it to help find and carry things for you you give it things like leather strips or wood sticks.

Finally it evolves to it’s last stage

Crafting type: this vertion of your magic pet can disassemble things you feed it to it’s components parts. It can also put together parts for Mass crafting arrows and stuff like that.

Collecting type: this pet glows brightly and has an inventory. It will run up to things like ores and other base components and swallow them up to hold.

Combat type: probably will be the most common type.
Feed it things like stones, arrows or throwing knifes and it will spit them out like project tiles. Give it Shields and it will stand between you and an enemy you hit with a ranged weapon to protect you.
Give it a melee weapon and it will swing it to deal out damege
(I don’t know how magic will work but I imagine you give it a spell to spit out at slow intervals based on the power of the spell)

Defeat: your pet can’t die but it will drop all it’s carrying and retreat back to one of your pokets when it’s go runs out for any reason. I would imagine it would have to take a slot infront of you and it can’t lose the pet when you die

Personal twist (optional)

I imagine it would look like a cute blob (like a tamagotchi) in all stages but will grow bigger for each stage it grows into up to the size of an unbroken geode.

Instead of a slime blob I would want something more resembling an animal or maybe a smeechee.

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a baby dragon !!! (with spikes) it can grow until you’r able to mount it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well not a slime blob but more like a cute little creature that’s spherical but squishy at first when It hatches. Then transforms into one of the three types based on how you raised it.it could be any color by feeding it alot of certain foods. It can have characteristics based on what type it becomes and what items you give it along the way. You can feed it crystal shards to get one that looks like it’s made of crystal and maybe glows.

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A bit unoriginal don’t you think? I mean were talking about people who made a green feathered toucan beaked dodo bird instead of just having chickens.

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or a tiny dodo

like you would need to find a dodo nest and hope that there is an egg

but i think of the nest not like a bird nest more kind of like a round ball that you can go inside

I see what you mean. The best is a hollow sphere

It seems a bit weird to make all familiars the same creature (from same egg).

It might be a bit too much work, but it would be cool if the eggs actually represented different species, such as one that is like a turba/golem or one that is mammal like, but when it evolves into one of the last stage types, where the crafting type might have more defined hands, collector is more suited for caring stuff and the combat one is shaped to more fit combat.

Basically each species has a different shape for each type, one that is load bearing and most likely on all fours (collecting), another that is better at manipulating objects maybe even standing up straight if it wasn’t already (crafting) and the last one is just more deadly (combat).

I’m not sure sticking familiars all in eggs is the best thing though, it kind of forces them all to be about the same power (You can’t really have some of them being able to grow up as mounts while other just can’t/don’t have something special) and it forces you to either A. Not be able to have sprigulls (and similar creatures), B. The sprigulls can be obtained from the familiar egg (but then do all sprigulls come from those eggs or is it just a weird exception?) or C. You can tame sprigulls out side of the familiar egg system and the eggs just become some way to easier put in a bunch of familiars.

I think the best way to do it is just have most creatures tamable, so the harder to tame creatures can be better than others, such as having very hard to tame dragons (possible only by stealing an egg and raising it from birth, but still having very weak creatures you can tame early on. You could have the creatures that are good at collecting in the game world as scavengers and the crafting types are in a semi humanoid shape (maybe they are normally on all fours but can be trained to stand up and craft things, but most likely not really intelligent)

I do like the idea of the creature having some kind of health like you’re saying with them going into a spot in your inventory when injured, but I think it would be good to have it where they can die, but not be lost. Either there is some area to revive familiars or they drop an item used to revive them on death (but most likely a way to recall this item if lost). It would be good, if they are small enough, to have them run to you when heavily injured and, instead of going in a slot in your inventory, they hang onto your body, like a long lizard one curling around your neck for safety.

A problem is that you might get separated from your familiar. No mater if you have them set up as any creature you tame and use a familiar bond (like some ritual) with or if it’s from the eggs and they are you’re familiar from birth it could make sense that either you can summon them back to you with a little work or even that you’re bond lets them stay with you even if you die (basically teleporting back with you).


I’m not sure about a crafting pet. It seems weird for att. I think instead we should have mounts/carrying pets and combat pets.


Yeah, especially since crafting pets would have to be more humanoid to an extent (think like a step away from kobolds/goblins) which might be too far, but I do think they would be cute, and as he stated with mass producing arrows they would be helpful.

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For the Collecting type, I imagine something like Chester from Don’t Starve, where you store things in the pet’s’ mouth.

Not t literally but yeah. Sort of like that but it’s less creepy and more cute