Fast Travel Points

Giving the player the ability to instantly travel from one point to the next.

There is a lot of walking and running in township tale. I think adding fast travel points could be a benefit to players if we make it balanced and right.

My initial thoughts are giving the players the ability to teleport between the different world maps you find, so in the end you still have to explore to find the fast travel points. This is all I can think of right now and this may not be the best idea. I truly think the world in township tale looks unique and amazing, it just becomes kind of a hassle moving long distances in VR.

Another idea I just had adding on to my one above to try and make fast travelling balanced. Adding a cooldown to fast travelling, once you fast travel once, you can’t do it again till x amount of minutes.

Oh nice, this has been brought up a few times on the discord, but no posts on here, good to have it put down.

I think the main response to FT is that the map (at least what is used right now) isn’t really big enough to need FT, besides the tele juice and camps most things are fairly close to the town, and the two spots I mentioned are a bit far for a reason (tele juice takes time to get to because they want you to work for it, and same with looting them camps). Right now there is barely anything that isn’t next to the town (exception being the camps since they are past the grove) so most of the time you aren’t going through another area.

I think once we get the map big enough they will either add FT or some way to increase your speed at higher levels (mounts, spells, etc).