Feathers, arrows and bows

With the forest update coming i though i share my ideas for archery.

2 new kind of feathers (drops from Spriggull).

  • Green feather: gives arrows a speed boost
  • Teal feather: makes the arrow heavier, faster drop off, but increase damage

The drop rate of the 2 new feathers will be the same as the red feather.

2 new unique arrows and a change to a old one.

  • Tribal Arrow changes it’s feather colour from green to white green (like the Rusty Arrows feather) to avoid confusing with the green feather
  • Flare Arrow: got a white and red feather, arrow head looks like a normal arrow head with a crystal inside, 3 sec after shot it will unleash a bright light that stays there for 10 sec
  • Bomb Arrow: got a white and teal feather, arrow head looks like a small dynamite stick with a point head, when it hits something after 5 sec it will explode like a dynamite (the Bomb Arrow will be lost in the progress)

The 2 new unique arrows can be found like the other 2 unique arrows with the Flare Arrow being in a stack of 1 to 10 and the Bomb Arrow in a stack of 1 to 3.

A new bow.

  • Crystal bow: doesn’t need arrows, when the string is pulled a spectral arrow appears, like other crystal weapons it can be found in a large blue crystal and got a high damage but a very low durability

I’m thinking of changing the teal feather colour to yellow or orange for better visual, but the Spriggull only got blue, red, green and teal feathers