Feedback of a new player

Hello! So, first of all I want to say this game is amazing, I’ve discovered it recently but when I start playing I could play for many hours, sometimes I don’t even notice how much time passes, that’s how fun is this game lol
But as amazing as it is, it has really big flaws for new players like me, at first I was getting so frustrated that I wanted to give up and just don’t play anymore. One of the biggest problem is there’s no explanation on how to play the game, the tutorial world give you just a tiny bit of explanation, but not enough to understand what’s happening when you play. And not gonna lie, I’ve spent literally one week to figure out how to do basic things. I watched tutorials on youtube, I looked to the Wiki but still, the information is so generic that for one week I just travel around the world with a wooden stick with some rock on it and a basic backpack, not knowing what to do. I was trying to get better food than mushroom, so I started killing the (sorry, I don’t remember the official name) chickens, I cooked the meat and still I couldn’t eat it and I didn’t understand why, so I just throwed that meat on the ground and going back on the mushrooms. And finally, 2/3 days ago, I’ve finally learned some things and got to upgrade my tools/weapons and the backpack, but after failing a lot of times. And believe me, I get it, I’m guessing that’s the point of the game, to make it more immersive, and sometimes it’s kinda fun trying to figure out stuff, but you have to give some basic information to the player in order for them to progress, expecting them to eventually learn how things works I think it’s not a good move, at least from my point of view. And yes, you could say “you can just ask to other players, I’m sure they will be happy to help you”, but because I usually don’t talk in VR and well, I’m playing at night, so even if I could talk there’s not much people around, it makes it so hard to make some progress. A good example would be, the books with recipes, it’s nice that they have an image to tell you what you need, but having even some sort of explanation on what the object does or even where you can find resources to craft them would be a really big help. So, my feedback is, put more information inside the game, make it more clear for new players on how they need to do things, essentially give them some help to learn even without the help of others.
Sorry for the wall of text, I just had to let out all the frustration I had those days lol