Feedback on Ore generation/spawning

I have had some issues with finding copper in mines. One time I was helping a new player to find some copper to get their backpack and we spent the good part of 2 hours looking for copper from layers 1-5. We didn’t go deeper because we weren’t well equipped to deal with the higher spawn rates of wurms.

I don’t think the solution is to increase the spawn rates of ore. This wouldn’t be good for the economy as this will create a large influx of ores and metals. My suggestion is to spawn less dense ore veins in the higher layers of the mine. Either in lower numbers and/or yield less ore per vein. This will (hopefully) encourage well-equipped players to head lower to find better yields and leave the ores on the top layers; and still provide ores for the top layers that are accessible for new players. The well-equipped players will (should) be able to deal with the wurms, while the new players won’t have to.

There’s also the issue with ore veins spawning in walls/environment, which make it difficult to collect if they don’t fall through the ground. I have a theory that ores will only spawn in spawnable locations ONLY if there are no ores already occupying the spots. If this theory is true, then this poses an issue when ores are left in the spots. No one seems to want coal and more often then not ore veins are left behind. This will prevent more spawns from happening, leading into the scarcity of ores until the server is reset. This is only true if my theory holds. I only want to raise this issue and hold NO hate. I understand a lot of work is required to solve issues along with many other things that are brought up.

Hope this helps. What do you think?

This has been stated a few times on other posts about the lack of copper.

I didn’t quite read the other posts, but now I’ve read some. Guess I’m not the only one who thinks this. Thanks for letting me know. :+1:

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