Finding it hard to come back to play

I really like playing att but im finding the servers to be really annoying. twice now ive played on a server, put in many hours, gotten some gear and even built some structures around the map only for the server to disappear from the “my server” list and make me start again on a new server. i understand theres a private server for paying users but thats kinda disappointing. i understand that it costs money for you to host a server for me but you should definitely let me host my own server for myself on my own pc. id really like for some more info on the servers like ping, when its going to restart/shutdown (if there is scheduled restarts)

I’m pretty sure if you have supported for any amount of time you can host a single server.

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No, it’s still Alta hosted.

The game is already very unstable on the hardware that it is built to run on, so how about we let it optimize and stabilise on the dev’s hardware before giving it out to anyone.

It also sounds like you have poor judgement when choosing a server. I would highly suggest doing research into how long a server has existed, who owns it, and whether or not it is still actively managed and moderated before starting. There are plenty of Servers which I can safely say will not die out as you described, and I would be happy to list them (or you can do research yourself).