Fire kit! The best way to light up the darkness!

A 1 handed object that can act the same way as striking 2 flints together, making it quick to light a light source or campfire.

Ever been out exploring and all of a sudden it starts getting dark and you realize you don’t have a pair of flint and a torch to light your lantern to make it safely back home? Enter “Fire Kit”, a simple to use item that can attach to a bag or belt and let you create that oh-so-necessary spark to light your way!

Construction would be 2 pieces of flint in a V shape and a buckle holding the bottom together. One could use it by clicking a trigger while holding it thereby “striking” the flints together. Perhaps in the future, it can become an item that can work as a character accessory to save on bag and belt space.

Repeat of

I might be wrong about this, but I thought flint could be 1 hand hit against world objects (stone/ore/flint) for sparks? Alternatively, it should also spark against tools, since they are made from ore…

Unsure about PC, but after testing on Quest, you cant strike flint against your tool to make sparks.

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