Fishing skills and just fishing in general

Fishing, so there is another way to get food.
Aswell to do a more relaxing thing.

You could make fishing rods in the carpenters and then use some sort of material to make the fishing line, and there could be a whole other skill tree to fishing, so that you could charge it and throw it further, and the further you throw the bait in the water, the faster, or better fish you could get.
And its all based on irl fishing technique so it would also be more realistic. And you could have different rods, liek fly fishing, and just normal fishing.
And you could use the raw meat you get from the birds as bait.

I think i could then get my dad to play this, because he loves fishing, i love fishing aswell, and thats why im bringing this up.

This is already on the roadmap and one of the devs posted all the roadmap future features as ideas on the website, please search before you post and if there already is a post for it, reply to that post instead.