Fix the books PLEASE

the way you hold books is just making me want to ******** a little ****** like a ****** ****** so please fix the way you hold them also the pages randomly get stuck and thats very irretating (duh).

I don’t know what you mean? What’s wrong with the books?

the place and angle of where you hold them (at least on the htc vive) just doesnt feel nice and also trying to do the immersive way just glitches out randomly and the pages get stuck or skips a page and is super frustrating for me

The pages getting stuck or skipping is more to do with lag (too many players on or too many items on the ground).

I know what you mean, I play on Quest 2 and to be able to study the book and try to figure out what the confusing symbols mean, my wrist starts cramping because I have to hold the book kinda in a weird unnatural way, i dunno, lol one time I just opened up a pageless book and threw it out the window.