Flowing Water Sounds Are WAY Too Loud!

The flowing water in the forests and anywhere on the map where smaller creeks spawn, is WAY too loud. I cannot hear any other sounds over the sound of the water, worse off, I cannot hear other players talking to me over the sound of the water. Please turn DOWN the volume or maybe check that the sounds are not overlapping and multiplying.

It is not just our server, it is on every server I visit.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Find small source of flowing water.
  2. Compare sound levels.

Discord Username:

You guys have flowing water?

Lol I was saying something similar about the damn birds tweeting all morning day afternoon , it annoys the people around me playing with tweet tweet twrrrrrrrrl on 482 + percent volume , I dont want to turn my volume down cuz then those worms will catch me slipping and come up from behind and get me hard and good with their power balls coming out of their mouth out of sync so you still get hit after you dodge , gotta dodge and then dodge back to original position to avoid getting caught slipping from behind