Flying/Invisibility/Clipping Hacks/Cheats

Me and one of my friends was helping our new friend get a leather backpack. We had finally gotten all of the stuff required for a backpack and side pouches. Me and the two others were organizing our bags and stuff when we were unknowingly looted by two randoms. We were unable to see them when all of the stuff from our bags suddenly disappeared, and then our bags disappeared. The two randoms later did a similar thing to us later by removing everything from a chest that we were using as temporary storage until we got new bags. I saw that one of them was able to move through the world. It truly ruined the moment for us until we managed to get back on our feet. I would say this is a very similar situation to ItsMaxo’s feedback post.

This happened on the US server btw

There is no way for a normal player to do such things, the only people that have access to flying, invisibility, clipping, etc… are mods and devs. Server owners can’t even do what they can. You might have had a visual glitch and if you had re-logged it would have fixed it, there are times where the memory usage doesn’t show you certain things, such as players and buildings.

there are third party tools which allow you to do exactly what they are describing.

This is a pre alpha vr rpg game, would you care to list these programs?

well playspace allows clipping, rapid teleportation / flying with advanced boolean knowledge- hell there a integrated script command to create voice commands IN game- we have that on out private server- we can turn thing on of summon things remove items form the game all from saying words. I’ve seen people do this stuff I would have to ask the mods what the 3rd party scripts are that are executing voice commands.

You mean using Voice Attack with the dashboard… still not hacking as that’s only possible by people that have access to the dashboard. As for playspace that’s not really giving a lot of advantage in any category.

Placespace gives a massive adavantage, I have watched someone using playspace teleport about x5 the normal distance- in a game about running to things and looting them then moving on or getting to mythril mobs and killing them or ore node first- speed advantage is the #1 game imbalance.

Playspace only gives an advantage to height not distance as the distance barely changes. Teleport is only changed by the speed a player is given through console, speed potions don’t even give that much.

yea… fine, go talk to maxabillion and ask him to demonstrate long distance teleport with playspace, since you don’t seem to understand that he was not using dashboard or prefab to give himself speed. he was only using playspace. I understand dashboard and prefab and boosting player speed/ increasing teleport distance.

I have playspace as well so I do understand. As a player that’s been around for a long time I know plenty about the game and its going-ons.