Food spoiling

Raw foods would spoil or rot fairly quickly, losing their health benefits and perhaps becoming poisonous. Different methods of cooking and food storage would affect how long cooked food can last before it goes bad. This would add urgency to the cooking process and make farms etc. in the future more useful, due to their short travel time into town. It would also add another dimension to the best-food competition, making some choices better for those who live in town and others best for explorers.

For example, after you pick a vegetable or kill a spriggull, you might have two hours before it reaches the first stage of spoiling, and then one more hour before it is no good at all. If you roast the meat, it might not spoil for three days. If you salt it, the meat might not spoil for a full week. If you put it into a stew with cooked veggies and leave it in a bowl or cauldron, it might last for two days - but could stay healthy for three or four in a gourd or flask. Clearly, these are meant as examples, and should be balanced by the devs and integrated with various cooking methods and such.

Most likely, food docked on a person or in their pack would spoil only when that player is in-game, while food sitting in common areas would spoil based on the server’s time.

Yeah I like the idea, but as you said it’s best balanced with more cooking systems (and farming).

Could be interesting having highly prepared food that lasts a long time but provides little to no buffs and really fancy prepared stuff that doesn’t last too long but give great buffs, with plenty of middle ground.

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I think this might put pressure on people trying to cook it you’re coming up with way too complex ideas and only 2 hours? Puts a lot of pressure on the player to cook it it would also stop players reliance on food. Because they have to cram all these and players may not be able to access salt I barely find any of it making rock salt a valuable object per a say, I want a township tale to stay the same with methods like crafting, cooking, and smelting you might need to rethink to put this in a player’s perspective would they think of it as mildly bad or bad or extremely bad or tedious to really good or good a mildly good think like this “well I heard about the new food spoiling update let’s check it out. 4 hours later with gathering Raw meat to cook. WAIT IT ALL ROTTED?!” It seems see a player might be surprised by how little time they have to do this and players can’t rely on food as much due to this update I personally really like the simplicity to this game my other friends have said that too it just seems like such a large substantial change to the game players who had a ton of food suddenly get This and lose their food. Sorry about the rant but it just seems like a tedious thing or infuriating personally