Food System Changes

Firstly, I’d like to point out that a lot of these changes were influenced by Siege’s idea on food additions.

In my opinion, the introduction of the Barrel Bag was a good idea, but was not introduced at the right time. A lot of changes need to be made to make it more relevant.

A lot more emphasis needs to be placed on eating whole meals instead of what is happening now, with players running around with 200 Pumpkin Chunks in their hotbar. For as long as this style of food exists, stewing (and other types of cooking that might come in the future) will be redundant. Thus, we need to encourage players to eat these larger meals.

How do we do this? By implementing a saturation stat. Just like in real life, snacking on the same thing all day every day is unhealthy. Even if that thing is fruit and vegetables, it’s still unhealthy because you do not get the correct nutrition. This should be the same in Township. Players should be expected to eat fully cooked meals with different ingredients. By doing this, they will need to eat much less than a player constantly snacking on chunks of meat or pumpkin.

But that still probably won’t be enough.

The players who constantly snack throughout the day need to be punished for this “unhealthy” lifestyle. I suggest that their total hunger bar should be decreased over time. This would happen indefinitely for as long as they continue this unhealthy lifestyle, meaning they will have to eat and eat more and more throughout the day, until they eventually have one bar of hunger left.

All of this is just my idea of how these issues could be fixed, and they would help make the Barrel Bag more relevant. Sadly, a lot of the issues that exist with the Barrel Bag are due to the state of public servers and the lack of “blind cooperation” between players (it is very unlikely that a player will go out of their way to stock the shelves of the tavern with food stuffs) making it very hard for a dedicated chef to exist.

Feedback in the comments would be appreciated.

A lot of these changes and fixes were brainstormed in the ATT Thinktank Discord. If you enjoy brainstorming and discussing ideas with others, then this is the place for you.

I really like your idea. Conceptually it is something we should consider and strengthening the fundamentals of how players “recharge” is something we should strive to improve. With that said, I think the approach is a little bit shaky.

The main issue I see with cooking meals is the tedium of preparing meals constantly. Instead of discouraging players from eating chunks of meat and pumpkins, we should instead encourage players to eat full meals. You could do this in a few ways:

  1. The first way would be to offer benefits or bonuses similar to the buffs that currently exist within ATT today. That way, any player who makes a full meal could reap the most reward for their work. There could be several meals in which a player could prepare that will allow them different benefits.

This can offer various bonuses:

  • Increased Health Regeneration
  • Increased Movement Speed
  • Decreased Stagger Time
  • Increased Strength and/or Defense
  • Increased Vision - not glowing like the glow poiton currently, a vision improvement more akin to nightvision.
  • Increased Maximum Hunger
  1. Eating full meals could be far more potent; eating four pieces of meat currently fills up the bar. A full meal could only require one consumption and also the addition of having that hunger decay far more slowly because of “satisfaction”. Because of this, this gives value to the chunks of meat and pumpkin because instead of wasting a full meal on half a hunger bar, a player could have small snacks instead, saving their meal (and benefits contained within) for something more meaningful like a cave or a boss fight, for example.

  2. Due to the nature of the preparation time and the benefits that meals have, Chefs would then have much more value because their time is invested in preparing meals for players that players could then purchase or trade their own food in. Players could also offer ingredients to Chefs for a discount, even.

I reckon this could also make the Inn a bit more of a popular place to hang out since people will find themselves almost as often as the Blacksmith’s shop. This doesn’t really have to do with eating, I just thought it would be interesting to note.


I definitly like the idea of buffs Rokon suggested, however, it still wouldn’t outway the convenience of 200 pumpkin slices. However, the negative suggested was kind of extreme. Perhaps do the opposite of one of the buffs Rokon suggested, and make it so after eating the same food so many times in a row without something else you lose hunger quicker. I imagine this being like minecrafts rottenflesh after eating 4 or 5 slices in a row.


Very much agree. However potent the benefits, players will always turn to the easiest option. It makes much more sense to stew pumpkin chunks, as this provides the full hunger bar, but players choose pumpkin chunks over it due to the convenience factor.


What about the implementation of diminishing returns? Eating a row of meat or pumpkins for too long will have decreased benefits. This can serve as a soft ‘punishment’ which can push players to alternative food items.

EDIT: I just realized Tinetik just said the same thing I did, oops. :B

Maybe too many pieces could add a debuff that hinders players in some way. For example, a sort of “bloated” debuff would decrease players’ movement speeds each consumption thereafter the debuff is applied, capping out at a certain percentage. Nothing big, like 5-10% around there. A mild inconvenience, but still do-able for the most stubborn of players.

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You put what I said in better words, it’s cool lol.
The speed debuff is a neat idea. Not too punishing, but annoying enough to encourage meals.

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Not sure if this was stated, but I think a big problem is that stacks of cooked pumpkin chunks/cooked meat is so much more favorable because it can stack so much, while stews stack very poorly (two in a gourd, and a bit better with barrel pack, but a lot less people will use that)

Having a limited stack size (most likely with better storage systems) and some prepared foods that stack would improve this a lot more so that cooks can produce a lot of food that take a lot of effort and sell them to players that want to be set on food.

Either that or just make non prepared food just really not worth it (in the sense that you are wasting a lot of coin by eating 10 meat chunks to fill a bar when about 4 could be used in a good prepared dish that fills both the bar and the saturation) so that player both can live off of meals at the tavern (only needing to stop by about once an in-game day)


Yeah we’ve discussed that, but I’m glad were on the same page with that.

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Having come back after 6 months and making the barrel bag… I think a few more things need to be talked about regarding foods.

First, stew pouring and liquids in general need to be fixed. At this time, it’s just too unreliable and I find myself fighting any liquid managing apparatus to cooperate, be it transferring (water for cooking) or even drinking (I’ve had potions flat out fail even if I dunk it on my face). Until they are more reliable, it will either make its further importance cause those flaws to skyrocket harder and frustrate everyone, and will make people trying to push for better things have nothing to stand on.

Next, regarding stacking: I do agree that this could use some poking at. We currently have bottles and gourds, and inventory space is at a premium. If I had to choose between a stack of something or a 2 time item when I only have how many inventory slots… yeah, it’s no contest. Sadly, the game created its own evil: Limited inventory means having to choose the most efficient with space management, and liquids so far have nothing. The bag is great, but it’s a serious trade off that doesn’t really hold any great benefits besides being able to hold a larger amount of liquids. In fact, a backpack with 2 side pockets can hold 4 gourds for 8 units of liquid and still have 9 spare for anything else. Honestly, I only made my barrel bag for two things: Water moving and teleport potion transportation. I tried to use it for stews, but you can read my first point and start to see why I’m not doing that again.

Another note, we could have quality of food. One thing this game truly has as a key feature is its crafting system. Cooking could, in theory, be made more interesting. For example, say we make the most basic thing ever: Meat stew. At this time, just throw your ingredients in and wait for the puffy smoke to stop. Honestly, why not make it more interesting? At a cooking station, you can adjust the height of the pot and thus the distance from the fire. Perhaps our stew could be made better if we have JUST the right height for cooking (or distance from heat source, in the case of the outdoor chefs out there). Too close and it’ll just burn the meat and not extract the flavor, leading to a poor quality. Too high and the stew cooks MUCH slower, to the point it is hardly cooking at all. Just right, and the meat will tenderize in the water and create a more perfect stew. More logs or less logs for the fire? Adding in other cooking as an ingredient itself? Cooking could use some expanding upon to be made more enticing.

And finally, cooking stews requires water, and guess what? I’ve had new people, not aware of what they are doing, drain the water storage in the cooking area. I’ve had experienced people just trolling. Cooking, to be blunt, is not worth the headache just to get prepared. I invested in getting my barrel bag, feeling I can take on the world of cooking, and found the water storage being drained non-stop. Most other resources are now getting protections from people being a bad egg, but this is just being ignored. You want more cooks in the kitchen (namely more than none), actually try to help them. There’s a reason some chefs have taken to cooking next to the blacksmith area, and it’s because of water being right there.


  1. Liquids need fixing before cooking should be prioritized.
  2. Liquids cannot be stacked, and will always be beaten by stackable items due to limited inventory.
  3. Cooking needs to be more interesting compared to the other skills.
  4. Cooking needs a serious quality of life improvement before it will gain traction.

I would love to see cooking take off and be made a higher priority in support, but as it is right now…

As for how to counter people from eating ingredients/smaller foods, could just limit how fast you can eat items in general. Make it like 5 seconds between each food piece before you can have another. It’ll incentivise players on having food that ACTUALLY restores stamina rather than running away with my pumpkins for pumpkin stew.


I’m going to remark my responses as your TLDRs just, so it’s clear what part im responding to efficiently.

TLDR 1: This isn’t as bad as I think you make it out to be, I have rarely had time where my stews glitch out on me (maybe once or twice that I can remember), but I do agree it shouldn’t be a problem to begin with.

TLDR 2: They’re going to add stack limits at somepoint in the future I believe, so I think this issue will be mute once that happens, but even before then if stews are buffed enough I think they could outway having 100s of pumpkins. I think of it this way.
If you can drink a stew and not have to drink your second half of the gourd for half an hour, than you drink your second one and you’re good for another half hour or so that’s way more worth doing than having 800 pumpkins, but you have to eat more every 2 minutes due to how fast hunger drains, or the other fix you have to eat 50+ just to fill your hunger bar, because your diet of only eating pumpkins isn’t nutritious. I think different buffs and nerfs to raw versus cooked foods will fix the issue without changing stacking at all.

TLDR 3: We need more forms of cooking, I absolutely agree. We do have recipes already, but the buffs they provide are meh at best. So i’m 100% with you on that. I think cooking can be viable without it, and we would still have cooks with just stews for a while if it was buffed, but it would be a nice addition in the future.

TLDR 4: I’m assuming by this one you mean the water being drained, and when you’re right you’re right. This isn’t my biggest concern though, because we can just cook outside the blacksmith, but something definitely should be done about it at some point. I just consider that their staff isn’t massive and if we’re going to request them to change cooking we should make sure the essentials are focused first, that’s why I add that it’s not my greatest concern.