Forced Specialization

Requiring players to get skills in a profession to efficiently do an activity.

Core concept
This idea only really works with Blacksmithing and Mining, but seeing as those are the two activities which most determine your progression, those are the only ones which benefit from this idea.

The core concept is that for players to be efficient in Mining or Blacksmithing at the higher tiers (e.g. mining Mythril or forging Valyan) they should require skills as well as an appropriate tool. Now, though I do think it should still be possible to perform these activities without skills, it should be much more tedious and difficult than without. This would encourage some real specialisation in these activities, and would also slow down progression so that you actually have to spend time getting skills.

Hopefully a pretty minor addition that would benefit progression, and might actually give Valyan a bit more worth with how long it would take to get and forge with.

Yeah, most skills, besides the one that heats up metal for hammering, seem more like little tricks to their trade than giving too much of an advantage, I think at most of mining one of the most needed is the ore vacuum bag skill since that cuts down on the time the most.

I’ve personally thought the crits would have made more sense as increases in damage done with that tool (and also would work more spread out, so you could get one level early on, but would need a lot of skills in the tree to get the last level of it).


Like your idea!
People would like to see that their skills really matter and speaking of mining and blacksmithing, that doesn’t always look like that.
Like Edit said is the ember composer one of the most helpful skills in forging. But a noob could grab a rediron hammer and just forge a 6 ingot val weapon.
If skills would be upgradable, the blacksmiths could level on that.
Like bladeforging(1) lets him forge all blade to a certain ingot amount and to make bigger ones he still has to level or the forging process would take like forever. Maybe the blade can break instead?
Crafting stuff like Flashlights is also bound to the fear of loosing materials if you just fuck up. Why not have the same fear while forging as long as you’re not skilled enough to do that job?


Just as long as it keeps the possibility for players lacking the skills too still do it with a lot more effort and, as you said, risk.