Forging with crystals

Add crystals as a smeltable metal for black smithing

Make crystals smeltable so we can make weapons and tools out of crystal. They could be a bit stronger than red iron, but break much quicker. Obviously, the main reason for this is for glowing weapons but it could also be good for distributing cheap weapons.

Crystal isn’t a metal though. Even real world crystal items are carved, not forged. You’d need a large solid crystal and cut it down like a sculpture.


Maybe add some sort of crystal carver in the carpentry building, pretty much I just want a huge glowing sword.

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I think crystal is better kept out full on tool heads, blades and such, sure we have a few crystal tools and weapons but I think those are both a bit out of place in being not the hardest to get and full pre made tools.

I think what crystals work well with is how the shards act now, where you can add onto something but it isn’t a big part of it (besides arrows). What I’m thinking is using it to accent the back of blades, kind of like a frill, with it maybe giving some more mystical boost.

An interesting idea is having those accents give tools and weapons used with a skill have an increased effect while damaging the crystal on it. So A hammer could have a large bit of crystal in the center which makes skills such as ground slam more powerful, and once the crystal is used up it could either just shatter which then means it can be replaced or it could stop glowing meaning it would need to be charged with new crystals which I think would help make the weapon feel more whole.


I agree that it would be better to have buffs from crystals, since at the time of posting this I didn’t actually know there were crystal weapons. Now I see why it is a lot better to have the premade weapons then add an entire new ingot for it.