Fun and Cheap Items

I thought of a few items that (as far as I would know) wouldn’t take much effort to implement into the game and would give the community little toys to play with.

If you have an idea for a cheap and fun item, feel free to suggest one in the replies.

Metal square: A small square bit of metal that can be attached to walls for the soul purpose of decoration, size would be the length of the width of a wall hook but there could also be a larger variant that is twice as long and wide. You would get 6 per bar for the small size and 3 per four 2 bars for large ones (or somewhere in that range.)

Similar the wall hooks, the square would have a nail, but only in the middle and it might be more set in more for a smoother square, the large one could either have just one or it could have four near the corners.

This would give something fun players can decorate with, as they have done wall hooks but a bit cleaner.

A good example of wall hook art/sign

Credit to Darklingbird, the creator of the soup shop and screenshot.

There is a small chance of people lagging a server by making huge pixel art with it, but there already was that chance with the sign hooks, and people tend to use torch stakes which would cause more lag anyway.

Large bowl: Really straight forward, it’s just a bowl that can hold two units of a liquid, would be useful/cool for the tavern since you need half the refills.

Smoke bomb: Shouldn’t be too hard (could be wrong) as it would just be a mix of the effect of a potion smash (slowed down and an increase in particles/clouds) and the normal smashing mechanic that bottles have.

This one has the highest chance of abuse, but as long as it isn’t lagy and you can’t make them too easily it shouldn’t be too much of a problem (Maybe).

Hope you guys like the ideas!