Future of the game ideas

So I’ve been looking for a RPG game for Vr that would have the potential to grow more and more, when coming across Township Tale and it’s unique game it became clear to me that this game could grow in so many ways with some help from the community. here’s a list of ideas for the game some may be implemented already. but here’s my opinion on the way this game can be upgraded (If possible in vr).

  • Leveling system - More in-depth leveling system, adding more skills and more depth into current ones. for example Combat skills would include - Attack and Defence. - the higher combat your Attack is the better weapon you can equip same goes for your Defence but the higher Defence the better Armor you can wear. this also goes for increasing blacksmithing, being able to make armor and higher black smithing you are the better armor you can make for yourself or others.

*Server Issues - Obviously there are some server issues at the moment but hey it’s in an Alpha vr game, also it’s free to play which means alot of traffic. it’s gonna take some time to fix this issue but they’ll get it right. Eventually

  • Future Skills - For the skills this would include alot of new skills which I would like to see personally. House building - this would ideally be a place for storage. which isn’t quite clear for players that just start but it may add an factor for gold as you could be able to buy a personal house with gold and that would be good for loot drops from killing monsters. I don’t think monsters in the world should drop armor for players as that would pull away from players getting involved with Blacksmithing. Herbing (just like any other rpg) you must have a knife in your hand cut a specific flower from the bottom of the stem and that will be your herb. collecting herbs can go two ways to those who may want to decorate there house or to make potions through Alchemy. combining monster drops including (eyes of a monster, crushing bones, or even vials of monster blood) to make different potions for different things. keeping that simple as "combat potions - Attack, Defence and Range. Health potions) the higher level the monster, the ingrediants will lead to better potions.

  • Dungeon and Raids - I think this point would come into when the servers get better. but Dungeon instances, you take a group of your friends maybe a group of 3 and you go through dungeons to get armor with special effects. these Dungeons could include puzzels for the group could work together to complete and bosses with actual tactics such as boss attacks that you may have to dodge or even block with your weapon. “The floor is lava” where a portion of the floor may become red and players stood in that area after a certain time will be hurt. Rewards for dungeons increase on your overall combat skills. (Maybe in the future the devs could look into 5 man raids as in a very hard instance with scary big bosses good effects but not good enough to make players have fps issues of course.

  • More Skills - with monster drops in the open world being a thing another skill could be leatherworking with more monsters being wolves cows for a future skill of maybe “Farming” to grow your own specific herbs (maybe in the later game and you need specific herbs but you don’t feel like going around looking for them. your personal house could have a garden where you could grow your own herbs but actually take time to grow so maybe an hour or two to grow but have phases like you put compost into it dig a hole place the seed and water them. adding a small rng to where the the herb may die or even grow into a super herb where you get more than 1 herb for the cut. I think Leatherworking could be the specific monsters drop leathers that you can make archer armor with being Melee Armor has more defence and Health and Archer armor being weaker defence but bows do more damage - this might be more for pvp and we all know how people react when stuff isn’t balanced or something doesn’t go their way.

  • Carpentry and Personal Houses - so carpentry could be involved with making a bow and fletching your own arrows for the bow. the better material you mine can be introduced for better arrows. including picking up a starter weapon when you spawn in the game to killing a chicken for its feathers to be able to make an arrow. moving onto Carpentry inside a player personal House. so a Player house should be an instance where a player can open his/her menu select house and teleport to a private instance where they can choose to spend their time Afk or even invite their friends around to talk or play mini games. having a private instance should help server lag as in there wont be so many people in the main world not as many drops for the game to render and not so many server comands such as cutting a tree. or mining. so lets say a player has to make gold in general. but at a certain point the player will buy his/her own house. they can choose to decorate it how they want Carpentary being able to make their own chairs tables chests for storage that only they can access. that player can also pay some more gold to add a garden more rooms and even buy more decorations for the house, players can unlock wallpapers or flooring by doing tasks out in the open world, dungeons and raids. everyones house could be unique so maybe holiday events could be added around the year for players to take part in tasks or minigames to unlock cosmetics. no one likes a pay to win game so the only buyable things should be cosmetics. make your hair look unique or add some piercings/tattoos buy some paintings for your house or even more wallpapers. of course not everyone can afford to pay for items in game but if they really wanted it. make it so you can also buy those cosmetics for gold just not for an average price of course. no one likes being made to do stuff in a game everyone likes there freedom so making the map bigger could be a great idea. and then adding in portals for each place players could also be able to build their own portal room in the house. this could be an optional thing as the portals would also add loading screens and may increase server lag if so many people took portals at the same time but could be something for the future.

  • Skills in general - Fishing pretty simple you go out find a nice peaceful lake and catch some fish. higher level fishing you have the quicker the fish are to bite. some areas take high level fishing to fish at and also the higher level fishing you have the better Fishing rod you can have. for example
    Level 1 - 10 Simple starter kit (Wood with string on the end)
    Level 10 - 20 Copper Fishing Rod with float
    Level 20 - 30 Iron Fishing Rod With Float
    Level 30 - 40 Silver Fishing Rod With Float
    Level 40 - 50 Gold Fishing Rod with Float
    Level 50 - 60 Mythril Fishing Rod With Float

Tailoring - Making Cloth armor could be done through Farming with some cotton to make linen through a spinning wheel and picking up cloth off monsters and combining it with other cloths to make some armor. pretty straight forward. Higher level monsters drop Higher level cloth etc.

Ores and End Game - Some Cool Extra ores and areas for the expansion of the game :-

  1. Dragon Ore
  2. Crystaline Ore
  3. Tin Ore
  4. Amethyst Ore
    Alot of these Ores could be introduced in the future and make a great end game section so
    Level 60 Mining and you go and kill a dragon for instance you Mine some rocks around it’s nest for some Dragon Ore, Dragon ore can make some high tier flashy looking weapons that that deal some serious damage, something they removed from World of warcraft that I really think they shouldn’t is Tier Sets, for those that want to play the game for PVM and defeat the high level boses in the game I think a tier bonus would be a great thing in a game like that seeing as I mentioned a Dragon maybe that Dragon could be in an end game raid where you take 5 players defeat that boss and have a chance at getting rare loot aswell as mining some dragon ore to make some Dragon Armor that could have a bonus if you have a full set like “Dragons fire breath deals 5% less damage to the player” ore the weapon like deal a % more damage to Dragons" imo these sort of things even if they’re small effects make the game so great because it gives you a goal to like grind for that armor.
    they could add alot more into the game for end game aswell as alot more bosses.

In Game Trading - “Marketplace”
You don’t like grinding for a piece of armor but you have a lot of gold buy it for a large sum of gold at the Market place. - End Game Armor wouldn’t be able to be bought because lets be honest where’s the fun in that.
You need one more piece of ore but don’t want to go down to the mines or even you love spending time in the mines but nothing else. sell your ore on the Marketplace. Anything goes.
I think the way alot of games failed is because they introduced a catch up system and made the game too grindy. like World of Warcraft where you have to farm for Artifact Power or something like that on each other Character then a few months down the line after you farmed for weeks on end. they introduce a catch up system like buy that Power for gold or Increased farming rates. this made alot of the players upset and made the current players not have fun. keeping the game simple enough so it still has a faction of the grind but not enough to make you miss sleep just to keep up with the current Meta.

  • Starting level and Leveling up in general - Alot of people hate doing quests so I think it would be silly to make it so you had to level that way. earlier I said the map should be bigger the map should be “A Lot!” Bigger so to level up you start at level 1 in everything obivously and to level up your combat to say you kill level 1 to 10 monsters then you proceed to another area to kill level 10-20 monsters etc all the way up to the max level of 60. The reason I think level 60 is a good starting point to have is because it isn’t scary. people that see high numbers have two things in their minds. “it’s either gonna take me a long time to level, or it’s way too easy to level” so having level 60 but it takes time to actually get to that level would be a good way to go.

  • Skill Points and Classes - So as you level up you’ll earn skill points so with raids and dungeons being a thing in this topic maybe classes could also be a thing. but before people start raging at the thought of being stuck into that class that you chose. you always have the option to change through out the game, but some cool class ideas could be :-

Warrior - Simple but can be split into two things *so whenever you hear Warrior alot of people think super strong big beefy guy welp this is my thought on that Warrior includes being able to dual wield two single handed weapons or one big two handed weapon (Metal Armor)

Guardian - so this one is pretty straight forward but it’s gonna be the frontline. - 1 Handed weapon and a shield. (Metal Armor)

Sorcerer - This one may be hard to add to the game but pretty simple to explain what it does and how I think it would work in this game. Sorcer is back line but has a wand the way it moves it wand around to cast different spells. well it aint gonna be a simple class it would also be very fun and interesting. you learn the spell patterns memeorise them and then perform them. it would be a finetuned class obviously because no ones perfect. not everyone would be able to remember every spell but so making it simple would pretty much be you cant mess up a spell aslong as you know over half the spell pattern it could fine tune the rest. - this may be a weird way to do it seeing as people could just complete half the spell and not try for the rest but I would love to see what other players think or even the devs think to this. and see your feed back on it. (some of this may not be able to do in this game. and if not please reply to this and say.

Cleric - Pretty much the same as Sorcer as casting spells but these wont be damaging spells. this class would be specific to healing it’s team. pretty simple I’m not sure how the target system would be for heals or even just to make it simple just make every heal not super effective but just aoe. to save time complicating over a targeting system. (Uses Cloth armor)

Archer - Speaks for itselfs uses a Bow and two one handed weapons. (Leather Armor)

Assassin/Rogue/Thief(whatever you wanna call it really) - two one handed weapons but with skillpoints involved this player can use Alchemy to his advantage in a deadly way making his/her weapons poisoned dealing small amount of damages in quick combos as in other rpgs these types of classes would have special movement or stealth. but for Vr that would be very hard to implement. so all the classes are weapon specific but with different class specific skills. (Leather Armor.)

  • Group System - In alot of the youtube content people are hitting other players by accident so to save that save that. an easy invite/group system can be made for walking up to a player opening the menu and inviting your friends into a group or even finding new people to do some dungeons/raids with invite them into the group and in the group there will be no friendly fire and if needed for cleric easier Targeting for heals.

  • Servers - In the future there may be alot of players and at the moment there are already some optimization issues so a good idea for the future would be 4 servers per region and 1 extra for each region for a pvp server.

  • PVP Servers - This maybe a weird thing to balance with all the classes. but when engaging a pvp combat situation you hit the person and they have to hit you back to agree to “Duel” you the two players will have a count down and then battle to the death, you can agree to stake eachother for items or gold. Daily Tournaments to be held for cool Cosmetics, Housing Decorations, In Game Currency, Achievements and Trophies.

  • Cosmetics - Cool Hair Styles, Piercings, Eye Color, Facial Hair, House decorations (Flooring and Wallpapers and PVP Trophies.

  • Caves - We hate being in the Dark so more passive torches in Caves that the player can light themselves using there own torch. Makes it easier to see the way out, Also Player personal Chests. everyone hates finding a chest opening it and seeing nothing inside.

  • Loot - Every game should have rare loot, it’s what makes the game exciting seeing that shine on a rare item knowing your money could go up by 20x when grinding a boss out. I think it’s a very big and important factor of an RPG

  • The Map - Exploring the map is the best thing in an RPG the amazing sunset over the water of a lake you find, or the stars in a lunar genre of the map, the bubbling lava around you as you carefully walk along the black paved road not knowing what’s around the corner. I think Townvile Tales map should be greatly increased. Yes the Main factor of the game should be focused on the Town because of the name. but being able to go around looking for that next monster to slay or finding a very high level monster you can’t kill because you’re a low level is great just knowing there’s area to progress to makes a game so great. if there’s a small map but alot to do it makes everything seem like a dead end. maybe making the same lay out to the map or same size but adding different instances to maps so have the town in one and then a Lava Zone on another with cool monsters and camp sites to visit is amazing. also those big old bosses in the open world that make you shiver when you see them. have them patrolling there own camp is amazing.

I would love to see feedback to this Topic. and if anyone would like to email me personally
Marktanner2481999@gmail.com Feel free to email me, I also want to say thank you to the Devs for already making such an amazing game and I really hope alot of these things I can be implemented in the future and see this game progress.

Hey! Thanks for all the feedback!
Just some quick responses to some of the big topics:

  • We definitely will have more skills with time! We’re trying to just put our toe in the water with each feature, rather than going full force. This just allows us to gauge how well it fits into the rest of the game, and means there’s less to balance until we settle on a design. We’ll most likely up the maximum skill cap, and add a bunch more skills to each shrine, as well as more shrines in the future.

  • House building is planned! This is the feature I’m definitely most excited about. It’ll tie into all sorts of different professions (carpentry being a big one) to create the resources required to build a house. You’ll then be able to furnish it, store things in it, decorate it, etc. I think house building, once in, will be one of the main goals for many players, as it’s something to work towards and really show off your creativity with.

  • Dungeons + Bosses! Yes, these too are planned. We love the idea of coming across some sort of dungeon or challenge in the world. The sort that you wouldn’t tackle alone, but get together a group of friends to take on the challenge with. We’ll definitely have more enemies, with more loot drops.

  • Armor crafting - Also planned, will most likely use a lot of various drops from creatures, as well as tie into potentially professions like leatherwork, tailoring, etc.

  • More professions - We plan to implement a bunch more professions. Fishing is one of the more popular ideas as well. There’ll be more ‘town’ professions (fishing, tailor, baker, etc.) as well as more combat and misc. professions (spellslinger, alchemist, etc.)

  • More content / end game content. More ores, wood types, etc. will all come with time. Same with other features, we want to take things one step at a time. A lot of features don’t make sense without other features, so it’s better to slowly spiral out, then shoot all the way out in one feature, and then have to come back and integrate even the basics of other features back into that first one.

  • There is already a marketplace, I’m not sure if you found it. It’s not super active on all the servers, but it’s something we plan to improve and tweak over time. We may add features like auction decks, store stands designed to be run by a player (maybe no tax?) and all sorts of other features to encourage cross-town collaboration and trading, rather than every-person-for-themselves playing.

  • Profession breakdowns: We’ll definitely break down “generalized” professions more and more as we go, adding in more specific things. I love the idea of fleshing out what a ‘rogue/thief’ role would look like.

  • Group system: This is a big requested one. We’re evaluating different options, including short term parties, long term ‘guilds’, and less ‘defined’ mechanics like simply binding some magical items together to be able to track the other ones.

  • Servers: We plan to roll out private servers later this year. This will allow people to invite their friends, or create public invitations to grow their town. The public servers are more of a temporary solution prior to private servers released, and then more of a fallback for new people who have yet to find a private server they wish to join.

  • Cosmetics: Have you seen the store? In the launcher, click the “Store” banner on the right. We’ve had different hats, shirts, jackets, eyelashes, etc. coming through. We will definitely have more hair styles, facial hairs, piercings, etc. run though the store in the future. I’m not sure how much (if at all) house decorations will tie into the store.

  • Cave lighting: We do hope to have different ways to light up the caves. Right now there are stakes to help light it up. One problem is they’re quite short, and are easy to steal. We’ll improve this over time. We do of course always want to have more dangerous areas in the caves though. If it’s always lit up, then it’s just not the same!

  • Loot: 100% we’ll definitely have much rarer loot in the game in the future. There are some things, like the spyglass and gourds which are a bit rarer, and quite a catch if you find them, but this is something we’ll definitely explore more down the line. For now we’ve been focusing on features that can improve the experience across the board, not just for the 1% who find it. When the game is more fleshed out though, I think its those 1% experiences that will really up the excitement though.

  • Re: the map - You see but a shadow of our overall plans. The map will definitely grow with time.

Thank you again for the feedback! I hope I answered some questions / concerns. Let me know if I missed anything, or you want me to go into more depth with something!