Game is great, as always

I’ve been enjoying the game since I started playing. One of the amazing things to me is how well the game looks for a game in alpha and even better with the cosmetics.

I think the only problem I’ve had so far, which is only recent, is that I’ve lost interest in going back in the mine, since I got back to playing, and I don’t have much to do in the game.

The mine contribute most of the replayability right now, in my opinion, though there is still blacksmithing as a big contributor.

The mine is mostly open to anyone to have fun spelunking with the mining skills making it a good bit easier, so most people can enjoy it. Blacksmithing, I think, is fun for fewer people but once you get to valyan you’re going to be spending so much more time smithing than someone with smithing skills. Woodcutting is mostly the same as mining, though it has less variety of content. Woodworking isn’t for many people, but you can go into no mater what you have your skills in. Fighting is good if you can get a party to act as the protector for, but if you can’t there isn’t much to do besides farming spriggulls or gotera, one of which gives a good resource but the other is just a poor man’s wood soruce, especially now that gotera don’t have a cool super rare drop.

It’s a good variety, but if you end up with one job you can do very well with skills and if that gets boring, you either have to ditch a lot of skill points you have in the job you were just at and start with a new job, or if you don’t want to lose your skills, get limited to inefficient work or one job.

I think this might just be me. Maybe if we had another job that (without skills) that give a good alternative for players that are burned out of what they specialize in, such as the fishing I know a few people are looking forward to.

Another thing that I think is lacking is that the experience of all the jobs are a bit bland in the outcome, such that you generally now what you are going to end up with besides maybe how good of a haul of ores you might get but even then that evens out with enough time.
If we were to see more bits of randomization of result, I think it would make these activities more fun. What do I mean by randomization of results? Mostly random drops and a chance to get something better than you were going to get, for example getting gems (even if they wouldn’t have much of a use yet, though we might need more space first) rarely from ores, having very rare chance for a smithed, and maybe carved too, item to be a masterpiece, (boosted stats like durability and damage, maybe even a slightly modified model to really seal that it’s a tier above.) rare tree related item from trees maybe? and some good old fashion rare drops from mobs. Also when fishing is added, having either fish be unique in size or having a good variety of fish would be good.

The last thing that I think might help is some sort of secondary skill set system where you can switch out your eight skill slots (empty or filled) for a different eight with a bit of effort, which would let players take interest in two skills (or maybe one pure and the other mixed) without being widely penalized, but not letting them just do everything at once.

Sorry if most of the post was focused on the negative, or if it seemed more like an idea post.

I think we all know how good the game is, but let me say it again. Game is great, as always.

Edit: just wanted to state that I understand the game is still very early in development and can’t really focus on random things, so that is why I brought up a few things to remedy the situation in case one of them isn’t too hard to had for the return in replayablity.

I agree with all the things stated in this.

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@Edit Huge thanks for providing epic feedback. It is super valuable. It is totally fine to share your experience positive or negative, just makes our jobs easier. We are aware that experience players kind of run out of things to do, but the game is still in pre-alpha and we still building the core systems out, so as we have more mature gameplay mechanics based, we can start focusing on mid-game to see how we can improve it.

@Bossun_Alta take a look whenever you have a chance.

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