Generated Forest

Kinda like how yall have the cave systems but its different fields with more bandit camps and such.
I was thinking basically a door around or in the giant field that leads to another giant field with 4 sets of pathways that curve so you cant see whats past them and once you enter a pathway it would show the next room kinda how the caves are dark and you have to load in the next floor each time you enter the current one you would be in. I figured this would give a reason to go out and use the overworld more than people do because all i see is people going down into the mines or complaining about not wanting to go into the mines with the fear of dying. It would also give new players a way to explore something without going through the process of maintaining a torch or lantern and still be able to bring back loot. As for enemies it could just be Wyrms and Gotera roaming about.

Guess you’re new here, huh?

Joel has been working on the Forest for months now, it’s a well know feature that has been showed off a lot for Supporters.


What @FyreKZ said, the forest is even know to have generation as part of it (from the altacasts)

When Edit says as part of it, they mean all of it.

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Wait soo like they already have what i said planned or is it something different.
Because i was talking about it just being like the mines but in the overworld with different types of loot.

From what I know, it seems like it is indeed like an above ground mines, most likely less focused on ores and more on wood (hopefully with loot being split into areas which makes more sense).