Gesture based advanced moves/actions

Ideas below are some brave imagination of what moves or actions could be done in ATT with motion gestures and little controller inputs to work together with them, but not to bother other in game mechanics and inputs.
I tried to think of some motions those a more intuitive and less bothering the normal in game social gestures or other movements for other functions. And most of them may make the game play more fun and dynamic.
So here is so far what I have came up with.

(I don’t personally want a charging timer on any of the moves below, as I want a few of them to be more of surprise moves. And I don’t personally think they should belong to any skill tree, I was imagining them to be the advanced actions of basic in game mechanics that bring some fun and dynamic to the every day game play of anyone who physically capable, regardless what profession you take and what you normally do in the game.)

  1. Front kick.

    Titanfall has once taught me “A kick can fix anything that even bullets can’t.”
    As we all know we don’t have feet in ATT, but this could be something fun to mess with in my opinion.
    To prepare and trigger it, you rise your both hands up above your head and front of your face, hold them closer to each other, then quickly swing them open to the sides of your body, There will be a holo foot appears and kicks out in front of you. You can rise your hands to prepare this action without any problems but once it is triggered, during the kick action, all your locomotions will be temporarily unavailable, so it won’t be abused.
    It should not deal too much damage to your targets as I don’t imagine it to be a damage focused move, I imagined it to deal a short time stun like 1 second or 2 to regular mobs who got kicked (future boss level mobs will take no effect from it), and player who got kicked will take a knock back (force teleport) effect and fall back about 1-2 yards.
    Front kick can break up the defense position of mobs those have blocking actions, but if it was properly blocked, mobs those blocked it will not take any damage or stun, it only opens up their blocking.
    Other players can block it with shield, those players blocked it with shield, will not take any damage and only get knock back half of the default distance.

  2. Dodge roll.

    I have brought this up once in my another post, but now I feel it suits here in this series better.
    To prepare and trigger it,
    For free locomotion players, you have to be running (not walking) to certain direction first, and during running, you rise both of your hands above your head then quickly touch them down to the ground.
    You will perform a dodge roll towards to the direction you were running to, from others’ perspective, your character rolled out about 2 yards away in a very fast speed, from your perspective, you basically used a instant teleport but triggered by motion gesture.
    For teleport only players, first of all, teleport is already OP in the current state of this game, I don’t want to buff it up in any way any more, but if once it gets fixed to some how similar to free loco running speed, then you can trigger it by hold on to your teleport button and do the same motion gesture, you will perform a dodge roll to the direction that is pointed by your teleport hand controller, that is again, basically a instant teleport.
    I do personally feel this action needs a CD timer pretty bad, as I don’t want players to repetitively spam it and abuse it, it will be even worse than the current spam TP abuse. But again, no charging timer! It only needs a cool down timer, it has to be a surprise move, otherwise it is pointless.
    Dodge roll distance will be reduced if you are crippled, but it should still be something that may get you a second chance.
    (Just in case if anyone wonders if a ground pound roll is allowed or not, I would say, why not? It sounds fun. Charge up and smash out a ground pound right before you roll out of the way? Fun. All you have to do is land you weapon tip (s) and your hands on the ground around the same time.)

  3. Sprinting. ( Forward only )

    Well, this one has been done in many VR games, and baromy was doing it only for show in “Developer Gameplay #4” as well.
    So basically when you are using the regular in game running, you can swing your arms back and forth to speed up to sprinting, the faster you swing your arms the faster you sprint. But there has to be a speed cap, where beyond a certain speed point, no matter how much faster you can still go with your arms, it won’t adds your in game sprint speed any more. And this move should be forward sprint only, as you won’t be able to preform a sideway or backward sprint. As soon as your directional input goes away from where relatively front of your HMD is, you will go back to regular running.
    Although you can change sprint direction while sprinting, you just can’t sprinting to one side and looking at another side, you have to be always facing at the direction you are sprinting to to continue it.
    And for teleport only players, again, if teleport isn’t getting nerfed, this isn’t mean for it. But if teleport gets nerfed, teleport player can basically swing your arms back and forth to increase your forward teleportable range where it is relatively in front of your HMD.
    Also, I was thinking this move could only be done with free hands? Or maybe if you are only holding light items and tools/weapons? Because I surely don’t want to see anyone holding a crate, cauldron, war hammer, battle axe or sky reacher doing this sprint.
    I can more imagine if someone is sprinting with a dagger or katar in hand.

  4. Soft landing.

    Well, this one is pretty easy to explain.
    When you fall off from highs, you touch either one or both of your hand (s) down to the ground about the moment you land to balance and neutralize the impact from falling, this will reduce a certain amount of fall damage you will take from falling, or maybe by percentage.
    (Just in case if anyone wonders if a drop down ground pound is allowed or not? Same as dodge roll, it sounds fun. And if anyone wonders about a soft landing roll? I don’t think so, because you can’t be running while you are free falling, so you can’t trigger dodge roll in mid air.)

I wanted to talk a little about stealth as well, but it has been done in many VR games, and devs also brought it up in altacast, so I will just wait and see what they will do about it.
Although from altacast, it sounded like it won’t effect PvP in any way, but I can only wish if it does.

All actions above should only be available when your character is on the ground or almost approach to the ground as for soft landing, just in case if once swimming will be a thing in the future, I don’t want you to keep swimming and doing underwater front kicks.

So, this is pretty much it, just some brain storming of what gesture based in game actions could be fun in ATT and could bring more different activities and play styles for the game.
If you think any of them may bothers other in game functions or mechanics, or if you have some ideas along a same line, bring it up so we share and discuss.

I like this, I would love to have more attack options like this. Maybe that kick could be part of a skill tree? I’m not sure about the dodge roll, that seems like it could cause just about anyone to have motion sickness.


Yes, front kick could be in a skill tree, I just thought it would be fun if everyone could use it.
And for dodge roll, I don’t see how it could cause any motion sickness, it should be even safer than free loco.

So, I personally would like if there are some visual effect adds to it at the moment it is triggered, like vertical motion lines across our screen or something to indicate that you have used a dodge roll.
But other than that, it will just looks like a regular TP in your first person view.
You won’t see the world rolling around you.


I think the whole foot thing is weird, but if it doesn’t have the glowing foot outline it still makes sense, also I agree with Zeb on putting it in a skill tree.

Haha, I was kinda imagine it more looks like our current in game skill effects, so I used blue.
My consideration on that is, we all know we don’t have feet in ATT, as well holo arrows and slash wave do not grow on us, so this kick is more along the line of certain in game energy thing and it only appears for a moment.
But yeah, the more I word it this way, the more sounds like it should go into a skill tree. I guess it should.
Edited: and now the question I have been asking my self for days when I was processing this post has come to a thing we have to face.
Which tree should it go in?
Reasons for melee tree:
It is technically a close range combat action, not to mention archery has a dozen skills available and melee only got half dozen.
Reasons for archery tree:
For an action that actually creates distance between you and your opponent, I can’t think of any profession more match with it than archery.

I am loving the art concepts you’re making. Kinda wish I can draw basic models like that.

Pelvic. Thrust. BOOT.

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Well! You can do a good job in blender, and I can’t. We progress on different things and we harvest from different things. We are all good, just different.
(The 3D thing you do is call blender right? I am really not in that field so hopefully I didn’t say anything wrong lol)

Yeah, I use blender for pretty much everything. A lot of your concepts I’m considering imitating in blender with emissives and other sparkly nonsense.

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That sounds like an awesome idea!
Please don’t feel pressured, only do it when you have time and energy.

These are really cool, I’ll bring them to Joel when we’re experimenting more with locomotion things. Evasion mechanics are super fun in games, I’d like to have them in ATT as well.


Thank you very much boramy, glad you like them. I tried my best to design them as harder to be miss triggered form other in game activities yet intuitive to use, hopefully they will work for you guys.


Maybey that can solved in The Forest VR Style. So when you roll your POV and the Character you splitting apart so you can watch yourself doing the Roll in kinda Third-person and when your finished the roll your POV and the Character you link up again to the normal ATT View.

It could be like that, or it could be a blink as well.
How ever, i imagine the entire rolling action happens very fast, so regardless what style it shows in first person view, it only takes a very short moment.

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I think it would work if we just had two options (which could be chosen in the settings) between a blink and a rush forward, should cover all bases that way, without using 3rd person (might be bias but I’m very against 3rd person stuff).

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I have to agree with @Edit.
That is pretty much how I imagined it to be.

It’s all fun and games until you accidentally sparta-kick your friend off a cliff and have to get their stuff for them.

Not gonna lie I was thinking of kicking my friend into the well