Grab lower objects

Grab an object without physically go down

Core concept
Like blade and sorcery game, using a spell or simply a trigger that pulls you one object (not so distant) in your hand, without let you grab every single piece of something.

Personal twist (optional)
A mark on the nearest obj could enable a button for making the obj “”“fly”""" to the hand that push that button.
I think this spell/ability will be useful with little object, but not with damage/recovery objects, because it will be op if someone use correctly.

sorry for the really bad english, but i’m italian :stuck_out_tongue:

This has already been brought up before, devs want to add some acssessablity for people thay can’t reach the floor, but from what I heard, they don’y want to add something like the “tele grab” and they have been thinking about a crouch toggle.

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