Great game some issues

The game is really good, however, since the YouTubers are covering the game it has become unstable. The high player count is causing the game servers to continuously lag to the point of unplayable. As well as in the mines new players have to go deep down to get basic copper and probably die. But the player base is very helpful and helped me get a few pieces before I had to get off.

@Chandrin Play on any server except US

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We are aware of the strain that YouTubers are causing. We are fairly close to rolling out more servers of some kind, whether that be private servers for guilds or to start off just more public servers. However we don’t wanna rush this and end with a bunch of empty servers once the flood stops


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@Timo I’d rather see more public servers get added for now because if private servers are added all new player will flock towards that and public servers will become wastelands, I don’t think the game is ready for private servers just yet.

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I’ve seen a idea some where on the discord about having separate instances of the same server, so that if a server was overloaded, another server would appear for the same region with same player data, but just without everyone else playing in that region.

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The big issue (which you can see in player counts) is that even if we roll out more servers, players will tend to flock to the same server. Yesterday US had 50 online at one stage, while other servers had < 10 people online.

I can see that ping might be a concern to some people, but honestly once a server is lagging from load, the ping of a server in another country is completely negligible.

@Joel_Alta Perhaps that could be fixed by showing a warning when a new player joins an overpopulated server that says they should consider going to a different one so they get less lag

Im imagining the opposite would happen with private servers. If you had servers managed by certain guilds then new players wouldn’t be able to connect to those until they join that guild and get accepted. So you’d have most of the new people play on the public servers until they find and join a guild they like and then migrate to their private servers.

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That makes more sense, I didn’t really understand the thing about guilds but now that you’ve cleared that up for me, it seems nice. Also, wouldn’t it be cool if the biggest guilds could port their items over from their private server into a different server with a fancy battlefield map and fight with each other?

The problem is that people don’t want to use a different server, because it means different players, a player that has friends on US isn’t going to move because AUS has better performance right now, and a new player might not want to settle for a server that isn’t local because the servers seem to be crowed now, like I said to Timo, if we had more than one server for a overpopulated server that shares the same character data, people would be fine with continuing their game on a server with the same progress and friends, just not overcrowded with people.

Edit: I can’t make more posts, so I’ll reply to Sebulaun with this one

That is one of the big problems with private servers, there is no way of verifying that items are legit, on the public servers there might be some duped items from bugs that have been fixed, but on a private server, they could easily have been given out by the people running the server.

This is also a big problem with private servers is that it just causes the player base to segment into their own groups that don’t interact.

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Vrchat is how i see private servers might become

But that isn’t a good comparison, there is no character progress in VRchat, you and your friends can change servers with out thinking “I need to grind up basic gear again” or “I want to keep progressing with the stuff I already have.”

Game progression complicates the whole thing.

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maybe like the bank items are the same in all servers therefore you could change servers by slowly portimg things over or you could show ppl on other servers what things yoube made just a suggestion

@zakmcpants Character transfer like that should never ever be a thing, it would completely ruin the economy of every server, people would take advantage of AUS server’s generosity and higher amount of resources and sell them on US and US2 to make bank.


Just copyroght strike them for now untill you are ready to grow :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Ok it was just a thought sorry

It’s called pre-alpha for a reason. You should be thankful they even let us play

Hey I am just doing my job as a tester everyone who plays now has a right to give feed back and should


Yeah, give and take relationship, feedback for game and money for cosmetics.

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