Guided Stretches for Short Buff(s) & Gamer Safety

I suggest a game mechanic that physically protects/helps the player, while simultaneously adding further depth to TT. To motivate the warm-up/stretching of the player’s muscles, the game could react by providing some FX to show you did it right, buff stats, or help recover health faster, as a few initial ideas.

It should in no way be necessary, in case any gamers already do their own stretching, have limited mobility, or have similar issues.

Core concept
Via the escape menu, a new option to ‘toggle stretching’ would be activated. Once activated, the VR would use hand/controller tracking to check the stretching positions, display a timer/loading icon for how long to hold, and then continue to the next stretch. It seems silly, but if it saves someone else from the pain I’ve experienced I consider it pretty meaningful.

Personal twist
Grant temporary stat buffs or some fun FX when players stretch. Buff STR for shoulder stretches, HP or DEF for arm/body stretches, speed for legs, etc