Guild Patches

The Idea
A way for in the character customization place a little table where you can make a patch. There are things like circle, triangle, or a square patches and for decoration on the patch shields, and bows, and swords, and axes and all of that other stuff that are pre set and you just drag and drop where you want the item on the patch. I feel like the best spot for the patch is on the shoulder. If this becomes a thing please people don’t just make your patch a bunch of dicks.

This is a cool idea, but you didn’t mention anything about guilds in it? I mean if it was only for guilds it would be a great way to identify members and as long as making a guild isn’t too easy it should stop most of the problems of people making the badge a swastika(s), genital(s) or something else that really shouldn’t be in a game of this age rating.

Also if it is a guild only thing, it would be good for the players to have to manually update their patch when it is changed, so some jerk can’t just retroactively make everyone wear something that would get them reported.

I said the guilds can use it I never said that people in guilds can’t. And for all of the symbols get a photo and report them. You can make your own patch and you don’t have to have one. And your patch is not controlled by one person so if your guild says TIME TO GO NAZI ditch that guild

You never mentioned guilds in the post. I understand that it would be easy to report them, but generally, it’s best not to give players that have only been on for 15 minutes (or how every long the tutorial takes) the option to do so. The last part wasn’t saying if what badge you had was controlled by a guild leader, more that if their is an option to wear the guild’s patch, it can’t be updated to something obscene without you noticing, since players almost never see their shoulder.

I think this would work really well if it used something similar to the banner system in Minecraft, where you only have specific designs to layer on top of eachother. It still allows you to create any kind of design, but keeps the naughty stuff off-limits.


Fail safe to all the above, just make it an image that you have to upload and before it can be used it has to be approved by a staff member (painful for the staff and devs but it’s the safest cause let’s be honest… you give a man a circle the man will make a d*ck)

I can assure it won’t.

I’m not sure it really needs this much over site, It’s not like we need the staff to vet everything a player says before it’s allowed to go though just in case someone says a naughty word or insult.

At the very most there could be a discord channel that uploads an image of every badge that the community can flag for staff to review as needed or a some kind of page that lets players quickly review badges in groups with possibly a small talem reward, if needed, and it could just cross reference other reporters review of “pass or not” to both see how accurate a reporter is and how safely it can be assumed that a badge is a pass or not.

But then again I really don’t think that would be needed, it’s not like any system like that was needed in minecraft for the banners or skins. The people playing are generally stable individuals that can just report a bad badge if they see one, though I do think a better reporting system would be good.

I guess by naughty stuff I mean outright hentai, I know you can make a penis-resembling shape with minecraft banners, better than nothing in my opinion.

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Oh yeah, you’d need a lot more for that, though that problem would be present in the painting idea, so it should be addressed either way.

I’m not really any more worried about very graphic badges than I am with the simple ones, since I don’t think the badge would be big enough to put anything in too much detail without players needing to get very close to inspect.

The painting idea does raise concerns of situations similar to ones that Rust continues to experience, but I feel that there could easily be a whitelist system to only see specific players’ paintings, or keep paintings exclusively viewable in player homes.

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Maybe we should move this discussion to that post if we want to continue, but I would say:

  1. Rust is a different game where nudity is the norm, so they never cared to add something to keep layers from seeing drawn nudity or other stuff like that. Basically the rust situation is what happens if there is no over site (because there doesn’t really need to be any in that game)

  2. Just making it so players have to basically be playing the game for a certain amount of hours means that anyone that makes some no no pictures risks the player a good amount of play time, and even then it could just be a simple blacklisting their paintings from being view able to most people.
    Either that or have a reputation system that the player needs at least a good standing for their paintings to be view able like I previously mentioned with a blacklist.

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I think that the systems you guys are talking about would probably work really well. For a guild, the patches would be pre approved by staff since guilds don’t pop up too often. The guild would then administer their approved patch to each member.