Hackers and deleted stuff

There are a little to many hackers in the game right now! All of my stuff was deleted twice now because of hackers and its very annoying, please find a way to fix all of these hackers.

Bruh what? You sure you didn’t just join the wrong server?

@ItsMaxo let us know what happened and what server it occurred?

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How could you even hack in this game? Dupes? Maybe speed hacks?

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I think you need to explain it in more detail, because in discord you said someone hacked you, deleting everything, including your lockbock.
Soon after you changed the story to your items glitching away and a hacker was flying and duping.


Similar thing just happened to me and my two friends on the US server. We lost everything in our backpacks, including our backpacks, to a couple hackers that had the ability to clip through the world, fly around, and appear invisible(or, at least, move so fast that they can take stuff our of our bags without us seeing it).

You cant take the backpack off somebody who has it on.

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you can if the backpack is glitched- i’ve seen it on US1- also you can have people take arrows out of your quiver on your backpack, in your docks on your belt- so the Logic is there as well- you would just need to figure out how to exploit it. I need to create a bug report for the quivers, not very fun to be focusing on something then look down and see someone stole all your arrows.

Quivers having arrows taken out is an old bug that keeps coming back, we all already know about it. This type of glitch hasn’t been seen anywhere else or with any other type of items. Ex: I can’t take coal out of your lantern.