Having trouble understanding the value of stews. how is this better than carrying a stack of cooked meat?

I tried some experimenting with stews. Id hoped given that the best option for a single player to carry cooked stew as food on the go is a 2-serving gourd that there was some serious benefit to it. It seemed likely this benefit was the buffs. after some moderate testing i fee like i was wrong.

As an archer with level 3 bullet i have no need for damage/defense/health buffs. my interest in stew was in the speed and night vision buffs. I made a couple batches of 2 different types of stew. one for each of those buffs. I followed the wiki for cooking instructions and got all the ingredients in there in the right order and got all expected spark visuals to indicate i was cooking properly. After working about a total of about 6 pots of stew i saw nothing from the buffs. My body glowed when i drank the stews but i was no faster and i had no additional night vision. i assume since i was glowing that i should be buffed but there was just nothing happening at all. So… why stews? am i doing something wrong? are they just for role playing purposes? someone please clue me in.

the practice of bottling and drinking the stew was also a very frustrating endeavor. Dunking bowlls, ladles, flasks and gourds in the pot would most of the time not fill them. the slightest bit of a wrong move can send the pot flying and lose the whole batch of stew. The keg in the tavern is not good at all. the valve should be a press and hold mechanic instead of a realistic valve. you should not be able to accidentally drain a whole keg by forgetting the tap for 10 seconds. but even when i did get stew on tap i couldnt really tell when a flask was considered full, and it was 100% guesswork when filling a gourd, which i never successfully did. the pots seem to cook the same on the tripods at any position on the crank chain so i had things burning while lifted way off the fire. glow mushrooms didnt fit in the pot even though one recipe specifically called for whole glow mushrooms. When i did get lucky and end up with a full, drinkable container of stew it was the nutritional equivalent of a couple drumsticks.
Also, when buffs do happen they should be indicated by identifying icons above the life bar on the wrist display. There needs to be more communication there.

So why stews? what am i missing? is the system just not finished enough? I just dont have enough time to play the game if i spend an hour making enough stew to feed one or two drain cycles of my hunger bar. I thought stews were billed as the reason you take a guy along with you wearing a barrel pack so he can feed you. Its way faster to carry 30 meat chunks with the same single inventory dock and get a bunch of meals. im not gonna wait for that guy to pull off a stew. and im certainly not going to carry a pot around. especially ince you cant even fill the pot without a special trip to the smithy or the forest.

please help me understand

First off, the glowing stew is bugged (they try to fix it, when they revamps the food system).
Mostly the only potions used are the strength, resistance and one of the 3 nutrition stews.
The speed stew is mhe, eat a full dais leg and you get almost the same speed (depending if you used salt in your stew, if not, it’s the same speed).

The core concept was more of you don’t carry food, but there is always stew or ingredients at the tavern, so when your hungry you hunt down food and make a campfire or you tp back and go to the tavern.

ok, i guess its working as intended for the most part. but i really cant see leaving for an extended trip into the mines or the forest with no food on hand with the hope of finding something along the way and stopping to make a fire and cook only as much as needed every time i get hungry. that makes cooking more of a role playing feature than anything practical. and as a role playing feature it actually is pretty fun.

The only way the whole stew as survival food routine becomes practical is if the average stew not only filled you up but kept your hunger bar from draining for a solid amount of time there after. I wouldnt mind stopping to make camp if the meal im about to make will fill me up completely for the next full day/night cycle. And if the buffs lasted as long I would exclusively eat stew over carrying a convenient stack of cooked meat. maybe ill log that suggestion in the Ideas forum. But currently though, its just not worth the effort to make stew.

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Your view of this seems to be coming from a solo players view. Different types of stew and ingredients give different benefits. If playing solo, then yeah cooked meat and blueberries are the way to go. Also, if you don’t really have time to experience every part of the game then quite a few things are gonna seem “meh” to you. Letting your character rest also affects you.
Have fun and Good luck

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