Holding hands

We could hold hands basicly by gripping each other hands, if one let go it let go obviously.
To not force players into holding hands.

Core concept
The idea would be so if i drink a teleportation potion while holding someones hand it woud teleport them with me.
If i understand correctly there is a portal you an activate into the mines with crystals. so you could teleport someone with you into the mines.

I can see 20 people holding hands in a line all teleporting with one crystal cost

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I now want to see that and i actually realy like the idea

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The devs just need to set a limit for how many people can teleport together.


Why not limit the holding hands to the people in the same party for the teleportation (no need for party just to be able to hold hands) and limit the number of members in a party ?

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When/If we get parties, that would be a great option, but until then, a limit of the people it effects in the chain will work.

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Now, this made me want to see the climbey style hand hold mechanic, people can push and pull each others for climbing big rocks and mountain stuffs.

That might be too weird since it would move players a lot more chaotically than anything else in the game. For Climby it’s fine since the player can already lift them selves off the ground and jump the height of at least four stories.

On the other hand, players being able to effortlessly carry/lift players around in ATT would look weird and feel even weirder.

Source: I have played Climby and I know just how weightless it makes things feel.

Hand holding? Thats lewd fam.


are you sure you understand the meaning of “lewd”?