Horses and Donkeys

Please keep in mind that when I say “horse” and “donkey” i mean similar creatures, keep this game fantasy.

Basically, horses and donkeys majestically roam free in the plains and other places. They are mostly docile creatures that want to just keep away from humans but will kick you and run away if attacked. After a long time of consistently coming to feed them and give them love, they will befriend you. At this stage if you get on the animal it will buck you off, you have to get it warmed up to the idea of being ridden. Once you have it tamed and okay with being ridden, you can put a saddle on it. Anyone can craft a saddle, but a tailor will do the best job. You can also attach saddle bags and other attachments as well as attaching hooks to points on the saddle. All of this will contribute to the weight on your horse/donkey (donkeys can support higher weight), if you put too much weight on them, they will go slower and eventually be uncomfortable/in pain. They will let you know this by making noises of discomfort. Horses and Donkeys can pull carts as well, horses can pull faster, but they will need to be fed more frequently, donkeys can pull for longer and have to be fed less. Donkeys will be the go-to hauling animal.
All of this should come when the map is much bigger and long journeys will be more commonplace.

Carts can be crafted with planks made by carpentry
See this idea by @Edit where I talk about planks and how they’d be made.

Please discuss things about this in the comments and don’t let this idea die like my boat idea

I really hope the stray away from horses and donkeys, so much potential for new fantasy creatures to really make the world unique.

Also I always felt like when I played WoW back in the day that the horses were the odd ones out, I mean you had birds, dire wolves large rams, which were all so cool, and then you had the horse that seemed out of place in comparison.

I can’t wait for this, just setting out with provisions to explore or move cargo sounds so much fun and relaxing.

I could see this being more that the horses have a better top speed, but quickly get out paced by donkeys the more weight is being carried, so the donkeys are more for carriages and horses work better with anything that is less than pulling something, but will beat a donkey if it’s just saddle bags with enough space for someone to ride it.

This could work in the design/autonomy of the “horse” in the way of it having a frailer structure, such as avian similar to chocobos (but would need to be different enough from them of course) or light mammal such a that suites speed better such as the dire wolfs I mentioned. The donkeys I feel would stay more traditional in design by being a hoofed creature, possibly a stockier one like the kind you would normally think to be hooked up to a plow in a field, but with a spark of fantasy, maybe they could be really fluffy or have some slightly unnatural coloration?

I really like the idea of taming them this way, I think this would need the animals to be more persistent, diverse in appearance and tracked in the world.

When I say persistent, I mean the game not despawning an animal for not being active, so that you could come back to the same field and find it to try taming it some more.

The appearance of the animals needs to vary enough that you can recognize the one you have been taming by the placement of a few more colorful feathers, (bird like animals) general patterns, etc. but not enough where it’s too easy and the colors are too wild.

Tracking them sounds weird, but it would be great for the animals to have some basic world navigation when they aren’t near a player so that they aren’t just staying in one field forever. Basically they would have a few coordinates which they define as things like Home, Graze, Danger, Interest, etc. Obviously it doesn’t have to be all of those or there could be more, but these cords are to dictate where they might go while they are just being processed as a point on the map by using things like home and graze for a known where to go to to sleep when it gets dark and where to go around the time they would eat, (even if they don’t actually have a hunger bar) while things like danger and interest shape where they avoid (after encountering a threat there) and a point where something made a more positive impact (such as a player feeding them or just the player peaking their interest (which can lead to those stray dog coming back for scraps kind of situations)) respectively.

I think it would be good for the animal to still be considered wild at this point, but easily being used as a tamed animal, at this point the player could go through the possess of making a pack with it which gives the player ownership over it, some perks and protects it in some ways. (basically the packed would use some of the players mana (not max amount) to imprint on the animal and works as something that other magic could recognize.) This way there isn’t a black in white “pet or not” system but something that makes it official and gives you true ownership over it.

Sorry I went off on a rant about taming. Just kind of needed if we are going to talk about having wild animals with the ability to like a player.


Everything you said is great feedback and very constructive, and I agree with all of it. I purposefully wrote less about the actual mechanics for this exact reason.


Besides the dais, all creatures seem to be more fantasy and special. So I’ve no doubt, that the team will come up with something more unique.

Wyrm like creatures would be a perfect fit! If you ever notice, it can’t be unseen. wyrm’s backs have an indentation suitable for a saddle and their tusks are perfect to put on a bridle. If they were tamable or if there were a less hostile version of them, wyrms or wyrm like creatures could be perfect draft horses.

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I’d prefer to see something more mammalian, but for another mount (maybe one incapable of carrying things but being faster than most) a wyrmish creature seems interesting.


Sure, there are countless possibilities of building some appealing and useful creatures to ride or to draft a carriage.

Thanks to the genre of fantasy, there are many interesting features to build those creatures.
Like number of legs, paws vs. hooves, size and body shape.

As @Edit stated, WoW made an almost perfect job in vary the mounts (except for the horses).
I’ve seen dinosaurs in another world, ruled by cats.
So to stay unique, we have to come up with stuff never seen before.

Imagine like a big snail as draft horse pulling heavy goods. Snails don’t have to be hurtful slow tho.

Gonna ride a babu using a carrot on a stick some day.

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