Housing Update Suggestion: DIY Furniture

Sorry if this explanation is too heavy and not very clear, english is not my main language and i tried my best, i used bold for the important stuff

i thought that it would be sick if we could create furniture or environment decorations with our own hands

what i mean is that maybe we could buy or loot a blueprint, and then when the blueprint is dropped in the floor it shows an outline of how the item is gonna look like and where its gonna be and what materials it requires, if the blueprint is removed (it can only be taken or removed by contributors of the used materials) the materials will come back to the original owners and the progress wont be saved. a cool visual thing would be that when we are filling the blueprint outline it shows progress, and it requires some actual work, for example, if you are making a chair lets say that you need 7 wood, 1 dry grass and 2 sticks (check the drawing imma add here), when you add the first 4 wood, its gonna go directly the chair legs and you gotta chisel it to get the shape right, unlike handle/equipment chiseling you cant fail, and it can be done in any order, so after adding and chiseling the 4 legs you are allowed to add another 3 log, these one will be the base of the chair and you must cut them in half with an axe, leading to a flat surface like when you add 3 logs to the chiseling station, then you add another log for the back of the chair, and you have to chisel it to make it hollow, then adding two sticks for the back too to decorate that hollow section and add some dry grass for ropes to keep the things together

im so sorry that this is a mess lol, i hope it helps in some way.
suggestions or how to improve the explanations in the replies :smiley:

I think the devs have been planning to be able to make furniture, but I’m very glad to see the way that you think it should work. From what I can gather, the devs have been thinking about doing furniture with carpentry, but I like your idea that we would use many tools. The only nitpick I have is that I think the blueprints should be placed in a machine at the carpenter shop.


Yeah, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to make a chair some where else and then place it, or sell it. Would be cool to sell furniture.

Though for things that are a part of the wall, they would need to be built on site, and things that are attached to the walls, floor or ceiling, they would need to be hammered in place.

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