How do you change/delete a server?

New to the game. Tried it for the first time the other day. I went through the tutorial. Finished that and created a server. I may have created a server without a name, because on the board on the side of the room where i assume it’s supposed to display my server, it’s blank. The server does show up on the main board when i select my servers. But that is the only place my server shows up. I don’t have any way of changing anything on my server or deleting it.

Is this some sort of bug or am I doing something wrong?

Are you on pc vr or quest?

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I’m on the quest

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Ah, I see, well idk if it’s the same for quest but on pc when you flip that switch, you create a server that is named “[your name]'s World” for example. For pc vr we edit the servers through the launcher I think. but for quest I wouldn’t be able to scrape up an answer to help. Sorry

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On the quest it’s a bit confusing - it looks like i created a server without a name, but it does show up as MyName’s server. But only on the main board where you join the a server. on the side board where I assume it’s supposed to list your server, it’s blank. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug since my friend created a server at the same time and has the same problem now.

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If you look to the right of the server list board, there should be a table with 2 horizontal switches. One for your servers, one for public. You may need to toggle those switches

Nope, like I said I can see my server listed on the main board. The side boards are blank.

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You callin’ me a LIAR?? /sarcasm
If you don’t have switches, your game is broken. Quest has server switches, full-stop. Have a video demonstration of this exact feature. The Tuber doesn’t explain their functionality perfectly, he more sounds like he’s describing things as he experiences them, but I’ve timed the video to the EXACT moment he pays attention to them.

If you still cannot find the switches after this, you may want to re-install Township Tale, or contact admin support.
Edit: if you were disregarding the switches stuff entirely to point out that regardless of toggle, it only shows the 1 server, then yes you have likely glitched it. You can modify your server in the back right wall corner closest to the character customization platform. Maybe a new name will help?

I’m sorry but i don’t think i explained myself clearly. I have switches. The switches work. I can see my server and other servers on the large main board at the front of the room. The boards on the side are blank. I do not see my server listed there, no matter what I do with the switches.

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After re-reading your posts, I do just wanna clarify: the side board to the left is for server descriptions, the main board handles names. For example, my name and description respectively are Kamura, and Monsters?

When the server selector is set to my Kamura, then Monsters? displays on the side board.

If you edit your server at the corner area I mentioned above, you should be able to modify the description. If not, there’s also the admin dashboard
Edit: the dash only works while you are online on your server. Have a friend wear the headset or rotate the headset so it thinks you’re playing still

are you aware of the scroll rope on the server board? just making sure its not a simple mistake!