How does grabbing a tool from your belt/bag work?

Make it easier to be holding a tool/weapon properly when you grab/equip it

Core concept
Does a tool know where you’re grabbing it from when you pull it from the belt/bag? Why not have a default grab location be the optimal place to use the tool? Otherwise you have to put it down and readjust your grip. Hard to do if you want to dual wield two items

Personal twist (optional)
Otherwise, how about a temporary ‘armpit slot’ so you can put the item here (instead of the ground) and it just sticks there at whatever position you put it there, then you can let go and regrab at the place you want to grab it at. Make it so you can’t move, or use your armpit arm while this is happening, since that’s how you’d be if you were something something under your arm.

It takes it out of the hook or bag at the place you grab it, I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.