Hunter Profession

A new profession: A Hunter! These sneaky individuals will help provide delicious meats to the whole Town, harvest creatures for their natural materials, or simply enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Firstly, I’d love for hunters to specialize in being stealthy. As somebody who has played a lot of theHunter, one of the most exciting mechanics was how enemies reacted to your movement and what terrain you were moving through. In that game, the closer you got to a kill then the slower you must go, and the more careful you need to be with your footing. This means avoiding low hanging branches and bushes, and generally being much slower as you close into the kill. If we want to take it to another level, we could also see the introduction of a global wind direction which can be determined by a Wind Sock. This means that your kills could scent you if the wind is blowing in their direction. This would also all come alongside enemies reacting to the mic audio from players, but that has already been mentioned by the developers.

Players could be able to craft and place traps around the world, and then place a bait (such as meat or vegetables) to lure creatures in. These traps could only be accessed by the original placer, as to avoid other players stealing your rightful food.
These traps could be crafted at the Assembly Decks, or at a whole new location I will be calling the Hunter’s Den.

Hunter’s Den
Hunter’s Dens will be scattered around the world, such as in the Forest or Mountain Pass (or future locations). Each of these Dens would feature a Crafting Station, a Simple Butchering Station, and finally, a map that displays Hunting Pressure. Hunting Pressure is another mechanic lifted from theHunter which means that areas can be “over-hunted”, leading to fewer creatures frequenting those areas.

Another craftable series of items would be Lures. Using these lures (such as placing them to your mouth and blowing/shouting into them) would attract creatures to your location so you may prey on them. There could be different Lures for different creatures.

Hunting Outposts
Hunting Outposts are small, buildable areas that will aid Hunters. Building one will create a viewing outpost that players can use to view their surroundings. Building these will also increase the frequency of creature spawns, as an invisible benefit to building them.

Instead of going into depth about this one, I’ll just leave a link to OddMellon’s Post.

Scout Skill Tree
Finally, to end off this culmination of ideas, OddMellon provided a wonderful concept for a Scout Skill Tree!

Most of this concept is further future where there is more of an incentive to hunt creatures, but some of it will be applicable to the upcoming Forest.

I would like the idea of stealth being a major part of hunting if it was to come into fruition as a profession, it would be more satisfying when you get a kill rather than what it’s like now; running up to a spriggul and whacking it a few times. it would also mean if you were to hunt without traps then your first hit would need to be the last, so merging different skills from other professions (i.e. archery) would have more weight.


Yep, Stealth should be much more emphasised in Township in general. I’d love to see the same stealth techniques be transferred to combat so you can avoid battles with enemies.

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This went in some interesting directions that I had not considered before - specifically the blinds/outposts and dens. Dens would probably be constructed much like a bridge, in a particular spot, requiring substantial material investment. I’m not sure how the blinds would be constructed - perhaps you would have a blueprint or something that you lay down to mark the spot for construction, and then build as usual.

I’m thinking on the related skill tree, and will be back soon with some ideas.


I was thinking they would all be in certain places, but in procedural spots.

Good luck on your ideas!

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“They” meaning the dens, the outposts/blinds, or both?

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A sub-idea to butchering/hunting: Tanning. In addition to butchering racks in town and in dens, there would also be tanning racks to refine leather.

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The skills would be focused around multiple (non-mutually-exclusive) playstyles:

  1. The camper, who lives in and around the den, using stationary things like traps and outposts/blinds. This includes the in-town butcher and tanner.
  2. The wanderer, who is always on the move, and rarely checks in at any civilized area.
  3. The stalker, who sneaks up on prey to get that perfect shot.

Butcher [Reduces the precision required when butchering an animal using a rack/table] ->
Tanner [Increases the rate at which leather is tanned]
Trapper [Increases the likelihood of animals walking into traps] ->
----Ambusher [Makes you even harder to detect while waiting in a blind/outpost or den]

Field-dresser [Reduces the precision required when butchering an animal NOT using a rack/table]
Explorer [Reduces the speed at which you digest food] ->
----Sleepwalker [Improves night vision for navigation]

Tracker [A gesture shows a faint arrow on the ground pointing towards the nearest other creature]
Walker [When going below a certain speed or teleporting a short enough distance, the player makes far less sound] ->
----Fader [When standing still, the player gains near-invisibility] ->
------Shadower [When moving below a certain speed, the player gains near-invisibility. When standing still in darkness, the player becomes fully invisible.]

Credit is due to Amagi’s Rogue skills post and Eturian’s Survival skills post for inspiring some of these skills.


Wow, I love these ideas! Do you want me to include them in the post above (and credit you, of course)?


About your tanning idea: I am slightly concerned about how leaving items in the world to tan over time would work. Do you envision there being your own place to tan items, such as the personal storage of the lockbox?

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Thanks! If you think it makes sense to put the skills in the main idea instead of down in the commentary, go for it.

I honestly hadn’t thought that far ahead on tanning, it was a secondary idea. I’ll do a bit of research and get back to you.

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I think it would be a public tannery in town, operating on trust like many other things in ATT, plus small tanning racks in the dens. The dens would be at inconspicuous places, so other people likely would not find your den to steal from. Additionally, traps would certainly work on players as well as animals, and only be unlockable by the trap-setter or local mods/admins - so you can put protective traps around your area. And unfinished leather wouldn’t do anyone much good, so I doubt anyone would steal it.

Love this, I really hope something like this gets added in a coming update. I also have an idea to add on to this, imagine if you could run a bell string from your traps to a hunting outpost so when your trap is triggered, you’ll know.

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Hold on, just thought of another idea. Traps (maybe a more advanced recipe) should have locks on them (combo or key) that can be unlocked by anyone with the key/code. This would allow for groups of hunters to harvest and reset traps when the owners are offline. It would be even better of an edition when housing is added, since hunters could organize more and do hunter guilds.

Oooh, that’s even better than it being just the trap-setter.
More on traps, there might as well be both simple snares made from dry grass/string, that anyone can access, and metal traps, that work better and have locks but cost much more to make.

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That’s what I was thinking when I saw the basis for traps, a progression system that goes from simple traps to better ones with more features (like locking) would be great.

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I think tying in cartography to hunting would be really cool. I saw the thing about hunting pressure, but what if we could take it a step further. Hunting dens would have well equipped cartography stations while outposts would have simple ones with a hunting pressure map and an area to edit the player’s own maps. I think it would also be great to implement books and handheld maps alongside this. I made an idea a long time ago that explained books in detail. This post by @Edit explains how handheld maps could work.

I also think it would be nice to have an in depth system for drawing and ink. This idea I made also covers that.


What if hunting dens could be upgraded? A newly generated hunting den would have some useful stuff in it but not the best of the best. As hunters use dens, they can upgrade them to have certain useful tools inside them. Some examples of these could be better cartography supplies, a tanning rack, or better butchering supplies. I think for balancing, one den could only have one or two upgraded modules.


It’s pretty interesting but useful maybe during seasons and times of day stats will change for example at night maybe a small mobility boost or damage boost and such maybe weapons like daggers and throwing knives will have a shorter time charging maybe and the trap part may be difficult but it is definitely possible and instead of the creature being pulled up cause it phasing maybe a simple animation

I definitely agree that having a customizable den would be great - and that there need to be limits, so not everyone simply customizes it to be “I have everything”. Customization and tradeoffs are vital components to the game.
Space gamer, your mention of seasons in relation to hunting gave me another idea - creature behavior affected by the seasons. I put it as a reply to the original seasons idea ported from the roadmap. Seasons (eg. Summer, Winter)

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