Hunting system

adding animals with hunting and dissection

Core concept
Make wild animals around the bandit camp when hunting dependant on how killed and where depends on the quality of the animals meat and leather better quality leather less cracks and wear lower quality looks more shabby and old higher quality meats make for better stews and fill more lower quality can burn faster and sometimes fail to create a stew
Plus when you kill these animals have a somewhat butchering system where you have to trace the lines on the animals body using a knife giving another use to daggers and short blades

Personal twist
my personal twist would be adding Deers and differnt animals which could use their unique features like antler for decoration on backpacks plus with the butchering system you could add different cuts of meat like lean and fatty making more complex cooking and potion making, with this system you could have the animal drop its hide then cut it down to leather roles and then into leather strips but make the leather hide have a harder drop rate and having to be more precise when processing the animal or instead of being more precise having a skill system meaning you need a required amount of skill to be able to cut it fully, you could even have specific back pack slots to carry the animals body