I hate Dieing

If u Die u loose evrything u have worked for.
Lockbox has only 6 Item spaces.
And a hidden Backpack can be stolen by anyone.
Yes any Item can be stolen.

Pls fix dieing dont punnish it so hard.
It will make people hate the game.

Make the Lockbox bigger 12 or 15 itens shuld fit there. Then u can loose ure backpack an still be ok

There are player run servers that don’t have drop on death enabled.

Also a way to cut down on items you have is by sticking to a profession so you don’t have a bunch of sometimes useful items like a chisel as a miner, since this game is built around each player having their own role that they contribute instead of doing everything themselves.

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As Edit said, this game is built around community and being able to rely on your fellow players to supply you with what you need when you need it. If you don’t use all your storage on things you dont need you will have enough storage.

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