Idea Dump #1 (Rope elevator, SNOWBALLS AND WINTER!, Bottle base, Bridge building)

I wanted to get creative! And to express those ideas.

I want the drawings to do most of the explaining but I will summarize some of the functionality.

  • Rope elevator/ Those old home elevator things

    Pull upwards to go up, pull downwards to go down. Going up is slower, going down is faster. Can be used in something like the town hall or the mines.

  • Winter

  • Bottle base/ Bottle home

    Pressing the button puts you in the bottle, putting your hand on the pedestal in the middle takes you out. People can hold the bottle.

  • Bridge building

    The pointy item is a stake, and has a rope attached to it. These bridges can break either by having too many people on it at once, or by wear and tear over time and from people walking on it. I would want the rope to thin to express this durability to the player.