Idea for taming

My idea for taming is:

You can tame all the alive mushroom types, dodos, rock golems, all worm types and possibly the ghosts
Tree ninja

How you could tame these creatures:

Dodos: any berry

Rock golem: type of rock they are made of

Mushroom dudes: 10 cooked chicken nuggets

Worms: 1 1/2 stacks chicken with bone

Ghosts: I don’t know what you could give it, maybe a special hat or something

Tree ninja: 1 1/2 stacks of wood or seed

Cosmetics added:

Tame backpack

Tame potion, used first in the initial tame

Features added:

Tame gathering

Tame fighting (levels up there combat, mining, tree cutting skill by a lot and the players by 0.1 combat, mining, tree cutting xp)

Special perks:

First dodo, mushroom tamed: I am a new tamer shirt (dodo and mushroom on the shirt)

First rock golem: I am a beginner tamer shirt

First worm: I am a master tamer shirt

First ghost: I am a expert tamer shirt

First tree ninja: ninja hat and I am a ninja shirt

All unlocked as little achievements

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on a (possible) taming update ideas

omg Im laughing my ass off. I love the idea but the fact you didn’t use any of the names is just hilarious. but you also forgot deer and the giant pigs, maybe deer could act as horses and the pigs(Pabu) can have a trailer like thing attached for storage.
Also the worms are Wyrms
the rock golems are terrabada
the dodo’s are spriggul
the tree ninjas are Gotera
and the ghosts are phantoms and should remain untamable in personal opinion

Yea, I’m on quest 1 those haven’t been added yet I hope they do soon
And the names are confusing

oof, that sucks.

Yea… it sucks :sweat_smile: