Identification Work Station

A new work station used for identifying materials and analyzing products.

Core concept
A new workstation that must be built in the town. Items are placed in the work station. Players then interact with the item to identify either individual parts or the entire piece. For example, if you placed a blade (purely just the blade, unattached) in the workstation. It would identify the material it is made out of, blade type, condition (in terms of durability), weight, etc. Basically it will give you a stat page. And by give you a stat page I mean an actual page. It will fill out a book page that you can then tare out and carry with you if you want. If you added a custom weapon with multiple attachments it would give you the option to then use the station to select individual segments. So if you have a handle with a blade on both sides, you could select each blade on the workstation and get information for that individual segment. Or you could select the handle and get information on the handle. If no segment was selected, it would give information about the overall combined piece, primarily weight (in bars as normally seen on the weight gauges).

Personal twist (optional)
This feature could later be used to expand the depth of the game into things like differences in quality based on crafting skill. It would allow two blades crafted by different crafters to have different qualities based on any number of various factors. The hammer used to forge. How precisely it was forged. The creators blacksmithing level. Etc. It could also be used for identifying magical properties if those ever get put into the game. I love the idea of having magical weapons created using runes that are in turn, also created by the players. I believe it fits nicely into the context of the games crafting mechanics and the ID workstation would be able to identify the runes placed onto the item, their quality, condition, etc.

I also think it would be great if items were tagged with the person who created it. Giving each item a that you make an added layer of personal ownership.

Last but not least, it would serve the purpose of an in game wikipedia of sorts for those people who want to learn more about the games individual materials purely from within the game instead of having to use the discord or wikipedia thus breaking immersion. The information generated could include multiple pages in addition to purely a state page. For example, if you are using the station to examine a copper pick axe head, it would also generate a page that gives some of the properties of copper, and what the tool is primarily used for. Thus allowing for a theme appropriate in game help/wikipedia.

I’m kinda torn on this one… On the one hand, this would make it SOO much easier to understand items, blueprints, potions, all sorts of things… depending on how it’s built and everything.

On the other side, the game is all about discovery and sharing knowledge through people, so this feels like a cop-out of that behavior.
I’m interested to see what others may think about the idea. I could definitely see this being at least useful for knowing material value on ore/wood. :slight_smile:

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I agree on that a bit, I think it would be useful to know the names of things though through this machine, but I think giving the player too much knowledge would take some of the guessing, and experimentation to learn things about it. Though I did rely on the wiki quite a bit, I think it would have been more satisfying learning it out for myself, or from the woah factor of seeing it from someone else and asking about it.

Kind of like how people call the sprigulls dodos, or chickens. It’s peoples own way of identifying the things around them, and that spreads around sometimes in a community type way that feels right for this game.

Though I also feel like it is a problem in the game not communicating to the player well enough about aspects of the game. Figuring out what attachments work through experimenting is a very expensive and time consuming process if needing more materials, and is honestly not satisfying when things that feel they should work, don’t work. So I think it would be a good idea to make that clear to the player what works with what. And the durability left on a weapon doesn’t feel very clear but doesn’t seem like a huge problem, I think I’d just like to see 5 stages of durability rather then 3, for more visual information. And possibly alloys being found as pages too, maybe deep in the mines?

My own personal twist -
The identification work station would instead have it’s information be created by the players, for that server. Names for things created by the players, durability tested and inputted by the players, damage, weight, all found out by the players on that server. Still creating that sense of a community built thing, with a bit of fun with it. And also leaving a possible sense of inaccuracy for the players to figure out. I think I’d have some fun naming certain materials ridiculous things.

@forlornwanderer I also like the idea of being able to add tags to things created by the players. The magic, I was sort of thinking of magic infused weapons, kind of how Skyrim does it, I think that’d be cool. But I’d like to see how you envision rune weapons, I think of it like a light weapon that’s completely made of the element used to create it, like a fire blade that is literally just fire in the shape of a sword. Like it’s being encased.

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In history, discoveries and knowledge was recorded for others to learn. It doesn’t seem too out of line for ATT. Especially with such a poor tutorial. This is best for people who are new to the game and need to figure out what a certain thing is. What is it? Check the Librarby!


Library seems cool, maybe ATT lore there too :thinking:?


I understand the idea of being able to gain information from other players being a core part of the social aspect of the game. But not everyone plays these games for the social aspect or even play multiplayer at all. That leaves them with using the Wikipedia. Which requires exiting the game to look something up. And being a VR game, that isn’t as easy as just having an extra tab open on your computer.

Why not allow that information to be accessible in game? Additionally, it can give information that isn’t accessible on the Wikipedia if they do in fact include new features to include item quality based on the skill of the crafter and the ability to enchant items. Such features may not be able to be identified simply by looking at the item model. So not only does it provide an in game Wiki that doesn’t pigeon hole people into a particular playstyle, it also allows for a way to expand features in the future.

Imagine having just finished a weapon or armor, taking it to the ID workstation to examine your work and determine how well it turned out.

As far as discovering things about the game? What is wrong with a mechanic that allows you to do just that? If you aren’t using the Wiki and you aren’t relying on other players. Why is so wrong about finding or making an item and then Using the workstation to examine and ID it? That sounds a lot like in game discovery to me.

Considering that one of the biggest criticisms that I have personally heard and seen around the internet at this point and time is its inaccessibility and the requirement to use either the wiki or having other players guide you. It seems like an elegant solution to me. It doesn’t mean you couldn’t learn these things from other players and simply not use the workstation, but it would be there as an option.

Besides there would still be plenty of mechanics that need experimentation to determine. Think of any game that has a stat page for items (most games), to say there isn’t opportunities for in game discovery about mechanics just isn’t true. Fewer opportunities maybe, but they would still be plenty of chances for experimentation.


I have a broader idea I’m planning a topic for that would benefit greatly from including this. Just trying to flesh it out more before posting. (Spoiler: library combined with storage overflow/mission staging/quests??)

I retract my previous hesitations, albeit the level of detail should be pretty minimal just like the recipes.

Edit: wording accuracy

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Did somebody say library?

double-posting my ID Station concept art here, in case my topic dies but this sticks. (ignore the levels altar, I’m too lazy to crop & re-save)

I posted a similar idea, and thought there could be a scientist career. Discovered information can be shared, within the server. A shared notebook/library in the scientist house.