Im not sure if this is for all ages but Beer, moonshine, vodka

Add a brewing station in the tavern so we can make drinks for people

Core concept
There would be a fermenting process that you put the “mush” (random stuff like potato for vodka and yeast) then you can get a flask, gourd or a new mug item and put it in the mug

Personal twist (optional)
Make like some drunken effect that can be toggled via settings for motion sickness

A little add to this idea from me: Rebuilding the building near the smithy where the tripods for cooking are standing and add a distillery for making Whisky or something other. You could power it with fuel like the furnace in the smithy. Also it could be funny if additionally to the nausea effect a damage resistance- or a “senses sharpening” effect could be addet.

I kinda like that idea and i would love to see how it would work. :+1:

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Yes I’d love Beer in this game. Next we need a Dwarf race and a big big mine inside a mountain with all kinds of big furnaces and dwarves speakin with their scottish accent. Ooh yah me laddy, todeay we parrty, let’s drrink me frriend! And beer mugs layin everywhere. ok jk but i would love to drink some beer while sitting in a bar in a vrmmorpg with a fantasy setting.

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also i wanna be: dwarf Beery Beerbeard son of Beardy son of Boordy king drinker of the mountain tavern.

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