Impose mob spawn limits in the mines

Due to the nature of the enemy’s mechanics and their instability because of the development of the game, I suggest that mob limits should be imposed in the mines. More often than not, projectile attacks are incredibly laggy, going in and even coming from directions where neither myself nor the Wyrms are located. They fire in directions that make no logical sense. I often find myself getting hit with projectile attacks through my shields. I’ve even gone so far as to test holding two shields out and attacks still infrequently go through them, even though I am completely and entirely covered.

In the mines, I should not have to deal with this nonsense with not 1 or 2, but 5 or 6 enemies. The most enemies that should spawn in the mines is 3, maybe 4 at the most. Anymore and lag becomes far more prevalent, making it difficult to block damage, and making it even more difficult for players to run away after they’ve been hit once. There is very little the player can do.

Games have systems in place for this very reason. Players have no clue where enemies will spawn because they are always underground. There is no way for the player to simply walk around enemies if they are mobile while underground. The damage that Wyrms take is incredibly inconsistent; I’ve one-shot them with a 12x Ingot Valyan Greatsword, and other times they take 9-10 hits. This is not something I want to deal with with 5 more enemies on top of it.

This is not a problem of enemies being challenging, it is a problem of unstable enemies inconveniencing and frustrating the player.

Weird, I’ve almost never used a shield and I’ve haven’t had too much trouble with the mines besides getting crippled.

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I’ve thrown it down with 8 wyrms at once. Even in laggy conditions it’s not too hard to deal with them. Just don’t stay in a spot and don’t travel on the ground you’ve touched very recently.


Hearts and minds. I’ve traveled with a buddy and have fought Wyrms nonstop to the point of leveling up. It isn’t the difficulty that frustrates me, it’s how inconsistent they can be when the server starts to lag. If I could block projectiles with my greatsword, then perhaps I could ignore alot of the issues, but I can’t. The shield barely does that - at least in my case - so I’m often avoiding it. While I’d like to agree that I could just avoid ground I’ve touched recently, that isn’t the problem either, because in my testing, they always stay in one spot. I can’t confirm if that is the case, but I’ve had groups of Wyrms spawn in the same area. This could be an advantage because I could simply avoid an area altogether, or disadvantage because they are just blocking areas or are in areas that make it very difficult to approach and combat without high risk of getting hit with 3-4 projectiles.

The game crashed on me just yesterday right as I got hit with a projectile, and I came back with 25% health. I surely would have been died if not for the heart flowers I picked up a while back giving me enough for a new section of four blocks of HP.

it is ture what you say but if they can mesure your level some how and then spawn wyrms it would be fine but that is not easy to make if eaven posible it sould be a limit of like 6 per person cause if you are alone in the cave plus lag and fighting 12-20 wyrms cause you are like at level 100 or something moste people would be f. thank you for reading:`)

Unfortunately, if a more strict mob limit were to be imposed (which there kind of is from what I’ve seen in the game’s code), that would make the mines a bit too easy to traverse. The game’s sort of balanced for when it’s running really smoothly. If we were to have a reduction, the people who play when population is low (I’m one of them) would be able to sweep the mines extremely easily of its ore.