Improve caving with light

Add easy-light torches to the caves.

Because caves can look consistently similar throughout a level, it’s easy to walk in circles, checking the same spots over and over, for a long time on a single floor.

I currently tolerate running through the dark caves for hours by bringing a ton of dry grass, lighting it, then throwing it all over the place. Even just leaving one fire at the entrance of a level helps a lot because it gives me some kind of reference as to where I am and where I’ve been.

Core Solution
Add those large permanent wall mounted torches to the caves. Like the ones in the crafting/backpack building. (The ones that don’t need fuel). This would add convenient reference points and brighten up the caves just enough to reduce insanity :slight_smile:

The buildings down there already have places to put player made torches but players never carry enough sticks for them to be used often aside from temporarily putting their torch down to mess with inventory. I feel like something that players can just touch their lit torches onto would be a very good quality of life improvement.

You could bring some stake torches with you. I believe you can craft the stake in the carpentry building and then just put grass on it to make a torch you can stick in the wall.

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I always felt the cave darkness was a frustrating feature on top of enemies that always give me trouble but others seem to feel the mines are too easy as they are.

I remember when I first started on US (before US2 even existed) someone put blue crystal tipped stakes like a path from one stair to the next. Then they were mostly stolen and the ones that weren’t got deleted when the server was wiped. I’d love something permanent like that even if it was just for previously explored floors.


I put up a good amount of crystal stakes one of the cycles and I was always trying to place it as high as I could so it would be as hard as possible, but it would have been so nice to have some kind of cross bow to stick them in the room, though that might cause problems of people spamming it and causing lag, so it’s hard to say what would be best.

If we could have those torch stands a bit more common with single wooden post with one or two on them in places, make it so they lock in the torches so they can’t be stolen and the ability to put crystal on the bottom of a torch so we can see them from afar and then light them to see our way would make things a lot better.

I definitely don’t think the mines should start all lit up with weird torches that never go out, but more natural lighting, like the crystal layers but with less light, would be great.