Improvement to the "Stinger" Skill

The Stinger skill is an amazing skill don’t get me wrong and it’s fun to use when you’re a server admin. I have one problem with it though as it’s difficult to time properly and the “Orb” you’re meant to hit is invisible. One of my suggestions is to remove the need to hit it at the right time making it similar to Air Slash, meaning it can be used as long as its charged and the “Orb” is hit. My second suggestion is to add a visible “orb” to hit in the shape of a ring that rotates to face the player so you can hit it from whatever angle you want with the ability to charge for longer, displayed by extra rings around the original, that makes you travel further, the cone is a bit wider and the damage is higher. This is just my opinion on what could be changed but it would be amazing to see it get some attention. I would love to see what the community has to say.

The stinger skill is not part of the game, so the devs ain’t going to change anything about it.

Stringer is a experimental skill / a dev only skill meaning its not currently apart of the normal gameplay, so I don’t see the devs making any player requested changes to the skill.