Improvements to informing people of community servers in game

Part of the issue of Community Server adoption is that many players of ATT are not willing to spend their time searching through a Discord Channel for a server to join. Sure, this is the easiest way to encourage the adoption of Community Servers, but it’s also undoubtedly very ineffective when considering that in almost all other games that have a similar server system to ATT, they do not depend on another website or service to inform themselves on a good choice of where to start playing. The exception here is Minecraft, but personally I would discredit MC as an outlier thanks to its age and massive existing population.

For Community Servers to truly go mainstream, there needs to be a much more convincing way of encouraging people to join them, and that can’t be done through a Discord server that over 90% of people join just to ask where to get the game. The 90% who download the game and get into it are naturally going to flock to an official server because there isn’t nearly enough information provided about why the alternatives to an official server are worth joining.

That is why I suggest a full redo of the main menu experience. The name of a server and a difficult to see board on the left providing a minor description of the experience are not enough. With just these, new players will naturally flock to the comfort of an official server with their informative naming scheme.

I suggest that the new menu should:

  • Remove the description section

  • Increase the size of each server’s “panel” in length.

  • Allow server owners to bullet point attributes of their server, such as hardcoded server rules and settings and the attitude that the owner wishes players to take (cooperation, PvP in only certain areas, Roleplay, etc)

  • Provide information about the optimal player number for both performance and an intended experience, instead of just the current color coding system that is never explained.

Hopefully these changes would allow community servers to become more mainstream in their adoption of the average player.

Very good idea, Fyre!
(Never understood the colours anyway)

I wonder what criteria / bullet points the player base need to decide joining a server.

Like I heard many ask for “active” servers or explicitly want item transfer.

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I heavily side with this, another great idea Fyre!

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