Improving Server Discoverability

Currently, it is rather hard for Private servers to maintain a good playerbase, and much of this can be attributed to the lacking of advertisement they have in both the game and the Launcher.

Now, improving this in game is a slightly harder task, but it is reasonably easy to fix in the Launcher. Right now, to find the different groups and servers you have to click a minor and non-descriptive button to the right of the Launcher. Not only is this very small, but it doesn’t even appear to be a button at first glace.

To improve this, I believe a Server tab is necessary at the top of the Launcher next to the Shop, etc. This would be a lot more obvious and would encourage more players to apply for Private servers.

Maybe it would help additionally to determine a difference between public and private servers. As the private servers are well hidden unless you are a member and the public servers are shown as well on the server board alongside the open and alta servers.
When players stumble over some interesting names and descriptions in the server room, they may get curious and want to join.

Also possible would be a connection to your controversial server topic
And those servers who are on full support may be displayed on a more prominent place (if wished).