Increasable bank size

so you know the item bank in town hall? what if there was a way for you to upgrade your storage amount inside of them.

Core concept
by adding something like green or purple crystals. like alot of em. you can increase the size of your item bank in the town hall from 6 to 8. and so on. the cost of crystals increasing each time. with a storage slot upgrade limit of possibly 18. this would be extremely handy, and it will give a use to green/purple crystals

Decent idea, but I dont think the upgrades should do past 8 or 10. This also isnt very necessary considering that housing will provide virtually unlimited storage relatively soon.

It would also allow for hoarding, which the developers are trying to stray away from.


Good idea I think the limit should be though 10 to 9 slots cause the devs apparently wanna stay away from hoarding