Index Cant double grip to hold

so everytime i try to double grip it will drop the item i cannot tell the game to keep holding the item
Reproduction Steps:
i have tried all tips and ideas people gave me double grip hold grip and trigger but nothing seems to work for my index.
all servers
Dicord Username:

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.

I use a custom bind with my knuckles, if you’d like you can message me at 1800DENKO and use the bind I have
I have trigger click set to toggle hold

On Index, the input is to double tap the ‘thumb pad’ button, that kinda looks like a pill.

okey i will try that next time see if that works ty for the reply

I too often have issues playing ATT with index controllers. lots of times I let go of items when holding it just by gripping and it goes loose. So good to know the thumb pad button trick. also climbing is impossible with index, atleast the whole tower is, So you have to use your triggers if you don’t wanna lost grip constantly. I could see this as an issue with the controllers to an extent though