Ingot Duping Bug

Using an apple and a kunai a player can infinitely duplicate kunai, then scrap it into ingots
Reproduction Steps:
Craft a kunai with the desired ingot, stick the kunai into the apple, place the apple into your personal inventory. By grabbing just the kunai you can pull it out and it will no longer show on the apple. Take a second apple, place it in the inventory slot then remove it. Now the remaining apple has a kunai in it again that you can take out. Repeat until desired number of kunai, and deconstruct for ingots.
This can be found in the video at How To Duplicate Any Ingot In A Township Tale - YouTube
I have a personal server however I found this bug via the above youtube video, no idea what server it’s on.
Dicord Username:

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.
This is irrelevant as it does not pertain to my game files.

I have verified this process on a private server.

This bug is affecting (read: destroying) the economy on at least one major server, and is the suspected cause of a series of server crashes.

A patch for this would be great. Trying to remove all apples from the server is proving difficult, and the large player base (1000+ users) is nigh impossible to police for these actions.