Interactions: Constant issues when picking up items (floor level tracking)

VR and things on the floor are not always great for various reasons, like UX or accessability.
Would love if there was an artificial crouch/sneak mode like in Skyrim VR, halving your height.
That would let you reach items on the ground without too much effort, and also let you sneak.

  1. Tilting the Oculus joystick down or press vive down axis on the rotation hand: Toggles crouch.

OR: Allow players to remotely grab items, there was no info anywhere if this is already possible.

The devs have been contemplating implementing a crouch toggle.


There is a fun indie game called Undead Development where you can grab objects by holding grab button (Vive grip) and a vertical line will appear, which allows you to hover hand directly above an object on the floor to pick it up. I’d love to see this implemented for the sake of my knees. :rofl:

Any kind of tele grab is not happening @ntyd1s

Well then crouch button is better than nothing. At least it should allow me to reach crates underneath mining platforms without physically lying flat on the ground with cable tethered to my head.

The problem with tele grab is about the same problem with teleport locomotion, It is better than the alternative, but less immersive, so players that don’t need it have to choose between comfort/fun or immersion (though that isn’t always the case), Though teleport locomotion could actually be nerfed to balance it without making it a pain to use.